Meridian Outskirts help

Hey All, noob here. First time playing any borderlands game. Enjoying BL3 so far.

Under the bridge in Meridian Outskirts where you have a choice of killing one of 2 NPC’s . There is a mechanical panel that has a lever on it. It says that it is locked when pulled. The lever is white with a skull on it. Its next to an black eight ball lever that you can not interact with.

Does anyone know how to activate it? Because I am new to the game, I am not sure if they put levers in that do nothing. Or if the white skull means anything.

Thanks for you help.

Hey, welcome to Borderlands!

I don’t recognize that switch off the top of my head, but it’s a standard game feature to have certain doors, levers, switches and what not locked until they’re needed as part of a mission (or some event unlocks them, whatever).

If its the same lever I’m thinking of, I believe that when you show up there one of the NPCs will pull the lever to kill a random civilian by dropping him to his death. If you engage them quickly enough, sometimes you can save the civilian. Either way, I believe its the Maliwan NPCs that pull the lever, not the player, which is why you can’t interact with it.

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I think that’s right.

Thanks for the reply.

I am sure this is what you mean, but we can interact with it. It just says its locked when you pull the lever. Up to this point everything that I have found that said it was locked I was able to unlock or DDG it and see that it would open up later. Nothing on this lever.
Since I am new, it seems weird that an only NPC lever would be something that would show as locked (and shows an animation of it being pulled). Maybe this is a thing with bl3 then?

Thanks again

Borman Nates on my hit list! Let me check this out (haven’t actually noticed this one).

edit - I remember seeing this switch and figuring it was (like most of these locked switches), for a side mission that hasn’t come up yet, but I haven’t found any side missions that activate it). Maybe it’s like that one switch in Southern Shelf Bay in BL2 that doesn’t actually do anything - like it was set up for something and the designer never removed it when that piece was scrapped? I’m pretty sure it’s not something the NPCs interact with (to push the people off the plank).

Also: @Xmas , while I was doing this, Borman Nates dropped a nice Cutsman; if you’re on PC and are interested, add me (Adabiviak), and it’s yours (I’ll mail it to you in-game). If you’re still getting your feet wet here, this is a deceptively strong SMG.

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