"Merry Christmas and Happy New Year" to my dear friends!

BL2 is undoubtedly my favorite game until now! It did and does bring me a lot of happy time! I just want to say “THANKS and BEST WISHES” to some of my dear friends. There are some friends still playing the game and still giving me big help like: Tesanmartin, Sun_Tsunami, Inkubus922, Chitsa… And also some friends did give me help but now they are rarely playing BL2 like: afgyilan, jahangir7, arceus227…

And I also wish who is reading this post great great Christmas time with your family and your friends!


Wow, Thank you Orange Teacher! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! See you soon in the Borderlands.

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If we are thanking people I would like to give a thanks to GUNZERKUS he is the biggest helper i have ever gotten to help me with any game whenever I am on and he is on he offers to help me, Tesanmartin has helped me a hole lot also while ZERKUS has been away for the holidays thanks again guys, im so close to that op8 only 3 more op levels to go.

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Hey guys!

If you want to make sure some one gets a notification for their name being used in your Thank You letter, don’t forget to use the “@” function.

Just hit the @ key and write their username. If you wait a moment, it’ll even give you suggestions, if you’re not absolutely certain of their username.

Hey, didn´t know you needed help with the op-levels. I´ll get you through the last 3 ones if you want.

And thank you for the thank you :smile:

And also Thanks to Orange_Teacher for all help from you!!!

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ok thanks but i wont be able to i have people over until next week :smiley: )

Just let me know if/when you need help!

Hey I sent you a friend request I really want someone to play with

What a pity that I could not help you with the good stats Op8 Blockade…

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Awww … :dukegrin:

Looking forward to team with @tesanmartin and with any luck @Orange_Teacher if we can match the time zones and get you all the way to 8 next week @Plrock1918 - let’s roll like thunder 2gether! :zap::zap::zap::zap:

BoneHead, beware!!!

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That is a great idea man :slight_smile: I also want to thank @GUNZERKUS for the relic, now my hellborn Krieg no longer has to stop by a vending machine to fill ammo for his Slagga during a agressive & non-stop run through a lot of enemies :innocent:

My local time is 6 hours in advance yours as well as @tesanmartin.

It is so nice to be your friend!

Yeah, shopping can be such a bore … :dukegoof: