Mesmer interaction?

If we get clone / drone dropping Mesmer grenades, we’d have Trick of the Light active basically all the time, right? Combined with OGT, this would be 81.25% extra damage.

What’s triggering Trick of the Light here?

The enemies are never focusing on you (Mesmer) so you’re getting Trick of the Light almost all the time.

Wait - does Trick of the Light affect enemies that aren’t focused on me only, or once any enemy isn’t focused on me, Trick of the Light triggers for anyone I shoot?

If the skill works correctly, it should give you a flat damage increase of 45% in the form of cryo damage whenever you attack an enemy who isn’t focusing on you. Historically, people have avoided it because it’s hard to control / trigger when you want to but the Mesmer should allow us to keep this up more or less indefinitely.