Message to people playing pvp

If you playing a match and you get killed because you did something stupid don’t just quit the match. Your ruining the game for people who actually want to play. And don’t quit because you see a bunch of lv 100s. They are all not extremely good. It just means they put more time into the game.


Here I thought everyone was quitting because they couldn’t find the person they need to kill for Lore. Never would’ve thought in a game where the object is to kill things that if you dies you quit. With sarcasm aside, I know how you feel Williams. I once lost incursion because it didn’t average in the guy who left for points. The screen said we had one more point to break the tie, but it doesn’t add the actual score for the win. You can see if he stayed what it would’ve been… Thanks Gearbox…

There should be a penalty for leaving in the middle of a match

I agree - or leaving at the start. I’ve had a couple of times where I’ve found a team and someone’s quit before we’ve even chosen our characters.

Lately I have been seen a lot of player who choose there character and as soon as the Door open they leave

This has happened to me as well but to play devil’s advocate if they get an invite to join a friend’s game before their match has started they have every right to take it and I’ve done it I’ll admit (it’s normally a better experience playing with friends let’s be honest haha). But it still does mess with the match due to one team being down a player. Perhaps block invites and the like once you have started a game? Not sure how that would work in practice though

I mean it is a lot more fun playing with friends but than again what I personally do is that if the game has already started and we are voting I will tell them to just wait for me rq until I finish that match it seams like the most responsible thing to do since is neither my friend fault I q before they send the inv or the ppl I’m playing currently so is best to just hold it till the match is decided

I always try to be honourable and stick with the team, even if a buddy has asked me to join them… With a relatively small player base there’s a good chance I’ll see the same players again! But then often I stay to be noble, turn around, and everyone else has gone :stuck_out_tongue: