Messy Break Up Shield (Too Quiet, Changes Needed, Cosmetic and Balance)

As the bosses iconic legend drop there are a few problems I have with the shield.

For one the “personality” of the shield is too quiet I can never actually hear it over gunfire and bandits screaming 24/7 if my own char isnt talking to himself. Could you change it to how the borderlands 2 loader shield was were the voice comes from your char instead of the drone or have it come through the echo (something like that). Also needs more voices lines easily double the number there are, your character should react to them as well.

Secondly, the drones could look better maybe make the drone look like mini zane drones or small versions of the drones the boss had instead of the star wars jedi trainer drone.

Lastly, balance wise as a legend item the drones need a buff either scaling with your weapon damage attack speed or maybe more drones. The dmg it does is nothing on mayhem mode, legit might as well not even have them cause the do the dmg of a low level gun that shoots extremely slow.

These were my thoughts and if you could at least change the sound thing since that would easily be patchable that would be nice the rest is really if you want to make the shield viable or not. (personally i think every legendary item should be in some way).


Gearbox has buffed and nerfed tons of weapons so far but I feel like the relics and shields are the real weak points that need some love.

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Yeah just hope they do some changes on relics and shields.
I personally would use the shield if the drone looked a bit better and or I could hear it talking (just for some flavor). Still needs more voice lines though.
Not much point to a talking shield if all you hear is the enemy screaming over the top of it.
But i would like to see it and other shields be usable or good, I just remember Blands 2 everyone used the bee and conference call, I personally like to use other cool stuff not just the OP stuff.

This is the first legendary shield i have given a damn about. It is really great but has problem with scaling sometimes and ultra low damage. I honestly think it needs a size nerf so it breaks more easily. XD Anyway.

THe thing about the Messy breakup is that it becomes irrelevant at some point in the game. And there are other non iconic shields that do way more for way less.

She is also annoying to listen to after a while. Talks far too much honestly. She needs less lines just bitching and more combat lines.

But mostly some damage buffs. I think there is an SMG that floats around and damages enemies. I wish the shield was more like that.

On the other hadn, maybe asking for a mobile turret as a shield is asking for too much XD.

But I love the talking guns and shields. Even if they mostly call me a slut. lol. Seriously though, ■■■■ that Tyreen Pistol. Literally unusable.

Sorry to have not replied in so long.
But I have currently dropped the game. Thus I don’t visit the forums very often anymore.

But I totally agree with your points, many of the “cool” or unique items in the game just get out-scaled and become irrelevant. As for the specific points I agree on all of them too. For example the voice lines it would take to make it interesting would not be hard to have made. It’s most likely a underpaid voice actor that could have recorded 20+ more lines easily. Or if they wanted to be lazy they could have copy pasted them from the fight, but they didnt even do that.

Same. Game is pretty boring right now. But that is fine I guess. Was fun for a while. Funny how I can still go back and play halo 1 right now though. Wierd as all hell.