Messy Breakup Damage modifiers

Does anything specifically modify the damage of this shield, e.g. talents, card type, ASE elements? Seems like the low damage per shot is scaled terribly, and I thought maybe this was because it was affected by something else. Problem is, I cant really figure out how to test it effectively.

I believe (don’t have one, not tested, this is conjecture) based on what I’ve seen and read about it that it works the same way as the Hunter Seeker grenade. It should receive whatever boosts that received.

Definitely should scale with bonus damage, elemental damage from anointments (is this the shield that deals damage based on its resistance?), and it should be able to crit as well on FL4K.

The damage seems to proc off certain skill bonuses (not sure if there’s a list anywhere) but I’ve only used it on Moze and Zane thus far. Elemental damage bonuses to Shock and Corrosive seem to work, not tested it with bonus damage for other elements yet. The problem is that it rolls scaled simply to level, so while that means it doesn’t take specific negative Mayhem modifiers into account, the broader negative ones still apply and it doesn’t get many of the positive modifiers.