Messy Breakup, Rectifier, Riposte Impale = BUFF NEEDED!

Those three shields desperately need Mayhem 10 scaling ASAP:

Messy Breakup: 2031 damage per shot
Rectifier: 1016 shock damage per second when depleted
Riposte Impaler: ~ 2k homing spike damage

Laughable damage for LVL 65 shields.



Did you realize that GB scaled shield novas and included a shield with punishing novas in DLC4 that basically works like impaler ? Search for “Faulty star”.

(and enjoy the GB way to balance things)

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There is also Torch shield not sure how it stands as I did not test it recently.
I also submitted a ticket for shooting star not working.

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Torch scales, been using one for funsies


They have nearly the same scaling as action skills.

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I actually cry when I see the damage they do in M10 :expressionless:

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Yes but they didn’t scale the legendary shields I mentioned. They still do the same ridiculously low damage

Yes they did. I know that this is with Gamma whiffing, but there was another video of a Graveward kill that I can’t find right now so I hope this will suffice.

EDIT: Found it. Wotan Kill in the first minute


Again: No, they didn’t.

Do you realize that the shield still does only 2k DMG in the video? He killed Wotan with his weapon and grenades. Do you seriously think the 2k damage of the Messy Breakup did that? You’re hilarious :joy: I mean did you even watch the videos you posted bro? :smile:

Dude, are you being serious right now? He didn’t fire anything beyond the OPQ drone until 55 seconds in. Everything else was Messy Breakup and OPQ drone.

I don’t know where you see 2k. I see 567k…

What? I saw it doing 300k+ per shot and spamming shots, some even hit 1m + ase elements as well.

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He literally showed his gear at the beginning of the video… 2031 DMG per shot.

Regardless of what the card says it’s obviously doing much more then that in practice, if you actually watched the videos.



Guy in the video here. It’s the shield. x34 mayhem scaling on shield effects good. Therefore Messy Breakup good.

I can re record without shooting at all if you need more video proof.


Shield scaling doesn’t work in the same way weapon scaling does. The card will read the same, but there will be a damage multiplier applied to the damage dealt by the shield according to your current Mayhem level.

Frozen Heart nova reads ~40k, at Mayhem 10 it gets Ă—34 damage(3300%)


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I dont think you are aware of how mayhem scalling works, which means your total IQ will be very similar to mine.
I suggest watching videos or reading google docs on the matter