Met a guy in game with 1k+ item card ranks - is it legit?

So I met a guy in game and he just wiped the floor with everything in TVHM M4 whilst I was struggling to kill normal monsters…
He showed me some of his items and his grenade mod (recurring hex) had 4 red texts and his conference call shotgun was 1.2k item card rank and was like 8000x5 damage…
Is this stuff legit or he is hacking?

I’m struggling to do some things in M4 TVHM as the enemies are so hard, while he just throws a grenade and the whole room dies, he killed bosses in under 2 seconds…

It’s modded gear. The highest item card value in game is somewhere in the 600’s.

so that means it isn’t legit ? or is there a way to mod gear?

Not legit. There has never been a legit way to mod gear in Borderlands.

I see, thanks for clearing that… damn… GBox need to find a way to remove those items… it removes the fun when I’m trying to do missions and some guy comes along and throws a recurring hex that kills everything in sight instantly.

But also, if max item is only ~600 how on earth do people complete the higher chapters or stuff on M4 in TVHM? I can’t even get inside the Maliwan base in the TD mission, takes all my ammo just to clear the mobs infront of the gate

You don’t need to kill those raches.
Just rush left side to 3 maliwan soldiers on wall.
Kill them and gate will open.
Also, note for You: TakeDown is set for 4 players difficulty EVEN if played solo.


Item score is only a general guide and isn’t a true mark of an item’s power.

Try stuff out rather than investing too heavily in it’s score. :wink: