Meta build use - items worth keeping?

Hey guys, picked up a couple items that I don’t know if I should get rid of or if people would want such things…? what you guys think?


Capture 1

The deathless could be OK for moze, I don’t think many amaras use golden rule though.

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the golden rule isnt particularly good anyway

you want stats that stack with each other - not stats that give bonuses to different things

the projector looks really good tho except for the deathless part

thanks bros, appreciate the input :slight_smile:

try to go for a flat “weapon damage %” on top of a “weapon class damage %”

cryo damage/efficiency for amara is also good (as you can freeze allmost as good as zane) i use this with the new soulrender (i have a cryo version for amara and a normal with cryo anointment for zane)

on M4… takes 2 maybe 3 bullets to kill enemies hahaha (and then there’s the skulls that fly everywhere destroying everything haha -> tried it in the takedown and kinda casualy walked through the first part, bridge part allways swamps me but still killed everything with ease)

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