MFC allegiance boosts - a better way

IDK about anyone else, but I feel like the manufacturer allegiance boosts on class mods are worthless. Some specific ones can be nice, like Jakobs crit damage for Flak, or Torgue damage for Moze, but for the most part these bonus stats just take up space.


Instead, bring back the weapon proficiency system of Borderlands 1 but instead of being based on specific weapon types, now it’s based on specific manufacturers. The more you use gear from a specific manufacturer the more XP you get for that manufacturer, the better the stats improve overall for that manufacturer. This would be on a per character basis, and the leveling wouldn’t be as nearly intensive as weapon proficiency was.

This would remove unwanted clutter from bonus stats on class mods and reward players for using guns from a certain manufacturer. It would be a universal boost to stats, meaning it wouldn’t work like Guardian/Badass rank where you allocate points to boost specific stats. You use Maliwan enough to get to level 2, ALL Maliwan stats get a, let’s say, 2% boost. At level 10 it’s a 10% boost. ETC. Up to I would say level 50. Of course a 50% boost is massive so maybe it scales different for each stat or like Guardian rank shows diminishing returns over time. IDK, it would require testing to iron out, but the basic idea is there.

This would also reward players that use a variety of weapons and give another end game boost to strive for besides Guardian rank. And it would make getting those emails worth it at end game because it would signal a level up to manufacturer boosts (as we all know those weapons are useless once you hit level 57).

Also if this were added to the game, any class mods with allegiance bonus stats would just get a reroll of another bonus stat. Or, so as to not mess with builds too much, the manufacturer part is remove (eg. Tediore Reload Speed bonus stat just becomes Reload Speed).