MH 3 Katagawa Jr

So I’m not lvl 50 or even 53, I’m 47 atm on Zane.
What is this boss?
Clones that jump to pillars until you find the right one?
Okay, easy. Thing is, on mayhem 3 he has a stupid amount of health/ damage resistance. I have a shock lob that melts his health bar but the amount of times he just lands a DOT on me and clones himself; it’s just such a stupid boss fight. Definitely just add some additional adds instead of his clones so you atleast have a FFYL chance instead of these bullet sponges; I know, I can lower mayhem but I’m not going to because I can handle the rest of the game just fine. Why should I lower the difficulty of a boss, yeah? But this is just stupid bro.

I killed him ight he was a time sink for sure but I killed him

Katagawa is the worst boss in the game. The fight is dumb. Bad design, nonsensical mechanics. Recent buffs to the items he drops at least make the loot you can get decent, though.

Many of the most dedicated players agree with this, although there are a few who have figured out amusing insta-kill strategies.

I would say that your best bet is to (if possible) wear a Transformer, stand in puddles, and occasionally shoot a shock gun at your own feet.

Get through him and judge the appropriate mayhem level for your character as you level based on how you’re handling all the other content.

Okay feels good knowing that other people were questioning the design of that boss haha!

Katagawa is fairly annoying. I very much recommend you get yourself a Brain Stormer (which ironically drops from Katagawa Ball). If you manage to hit him at the very beginning of the fight when he and all of his clones are in one spot there can be a bit of a feedback loop that will shred through his shields and a good amount of his health (on Amara it can even one-shot him on Mayhem 4).
There are also generators spread across the arena which will release an electrical shock when hit and you’ll really want to set them off because they do also interrupt him from recharging his shields and deal a fair bit of damage.
Even though the lob is extremely good, it’s not great for this fight because of its limited range and low projectile speed. Maybe try getting something like a Maggie instead (though that can admittedly be hard to get), or maybe a Star Helix.
I’ve heard (and made) a fair amount of complaints about Katagawa Jr. because he is truly an annoying boss but you’re the first one to be annoyed at him and his clones being bullet spongy.
Then again, M3 is a bit of a mess with all the random modifiers.
I’d recommend you get yourself to max level and then optimize your gear a little if you are hellbent on getting his drops.

He is actually one of the better desigend bosses, since he works in a unique way that doesn´t rely on bloated numbers in health. Get a good ranged weapon (Q-System for example) and he is a actually pretty simple fight. It´s way more boring when a boss has a crapload of health and immunity phases. Definetly one of the best designed bosses in this game.




I disagree. This fight is either super easy (one shot/one kill) or super annoying with its bugs, e.g., Katagawa Jr. refreshes his shields even if you knock out his generator before he jumps on it to “recharge.”

what is this monster u created

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wow, you can give a build of items?

Standard melee equipment: Breaker COM with +1 FYC, Brawler Ward shield with 200% melee after Phaseslam (I think you don’t even need this bonus to one punch him), Buttplug (could be other gun with high melee bonus), and iirc I used Cryo Stone + Static Charge artifact in this kill (but it was not charged).
Build was something like that, should work on lvl 53 and 57 as well.

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