Michael Mamaril just gave me

…a purple SMG with pretty decent stats. I think that’s the first time I’ve got a purple rarity item from him, which made me wonder: has anyone ever gotten a legendary from him?

He does have a chance to give oranges. However, it’s very small.

It’s like getting an orange from the Roland’s red chest, I’ve seen E-techs from it though.

Congrats. I’ve found him countless times and he never gave me anything even remotely useful. Still exciting to find him, though. It really is like seeing an old friend.

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I’ve only looked for him once to get the achievement and I got a crappy blue gun which is normal

When I was around level 15, I scoured the Earth… er… Pandora for this guy. I ended up getting a pretty sweet Orange shotgun. That was before I knew to remember the names so I can’t tell you what it was. But I was pretty excited.

Most of the rest of what he drops for me are blue and a couple purples.

Some of his blue drops have been pretty timely for me while levelling characters up. I certainly benefited from his generosity when I started playing. It’s a great - and fitting - in-game tribute.

I think I’ve only gotten blues from him. I generally have better equipment so I just sell whatever he gives me. I don’t remember ever getting any oranges though…stingy bastard.

It makes me sad there wasn’t a yoteslaya tribute like this in the pre sequel

I’ve gotten 2 oranges from him aright after each other farming him.

I never got anything useful from him either but he did used to give me blues. Although I can’t find him anymore and I don’t know if that’s normal.

He has a 10% chance of spawning, so it’s pretty normal to not see him for long periods of time.

Hmm figured as much, and here I thought I was special. It seemed like he was there every time I came back from completing a story mission :confused:

@p4nda_n00dlz I seem to have him spawn a lot after the final mission and the wildlife one

Does he spawn when you’re playing co online? ?

It has happened that my co-op partner and I have run into him, as well as seeing him while playing solo. If you’re referring to the possibility of his appearance being tied to a hotfix, it’s not. When the game first cane out, he was bugged on XBox so he appeared more frequently than he should, but that was perma-patched a while back. In addition to his spawn rate, there are multiple locations he can appear in so, if you don’t routinely check them all, you could easily miss him.

I see him spawn a lot under scooters stairs and by Roland’s safe

Those were his two favorite spots for me as well, but I’ve found him everywhere he’s supposed to show up at least once, except the top of the stairs behind Claptrap’s secret stash. I don’t know if he spawns there after Sanctuary is in the air. That could be the reason he never spawned for me up there in any of my playthroughs.

Those are the two places I’ve never seen him spawn. For me, his favorites are Earl’s and Moxxi’s.

I haven’t seen him by claptraps stash a lot only like twice and it seems when he’s under scooters stairs he gives me better gear some times purples and like once a orange.