Michael mamaril

Curious… Once I find Mamaril, will he ever spawn again?

Yes, he will still spawn.

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Thanks. Wasn’t sure. Tried like 30-40 times after I found him the first time, with no luck.

Yeah, he appears at random, in various locations within Sanctuary.

He is pretty rare and can spawn in about 10 different locations in Sanctuary. He makes an occasional appearance every once in a while if you keep checking around.


I will confirm the “RARE” in Lammas post, I’ve had the game since day 1 and have only seen him twice, once on the 360 and then just recently on Xbox one, and I have looked everytime I’m in Sanctuary (easily over 800 times) to get the achievement for me and another

I never look for him but I’ve run into him 5 or 6 times in 1400 hours of playing.

Not sure how this works out, but for me I have seen him on many numerous occasions, from the 360 days up to now. Maybe I spend too much time visiting Sanctuary :slight_smile:

That’s one of the beauty’s of this game for you though I find. What one person finds rare to obtain, another finds effortlessly. What one person never see’s, another observes consistently.

The sheer amount of variables this game offers up, is one of the many reasons I have never been able to put it down :smile:


Surprised you haven’t seen him more often. I usually check when I travel back to Sanctuary from anywhere, and I always park my characters back in Sanctuary unless I’m farming a specific location with them. I have no idea how often I’ve seen him, but I’ve got the achievement on both 360 and XB1, and I’m pretty sure I’m in the double digits.

looks like we operate the same way and even with our toons. I do have the Acheivement on both 360 and XB 1 now " “only seen him twice, once on the 360 and then just recently on Xbox one”"
I’m a firm believer that RNG pisses on certain things in my game, Michael Mamaril (only need him once though), the Loot Train (from day one, only 1 legendary, No Pearls), Bunker has always been a very poor farm, Tubbies/Chubbies must be on the soon to be extinct list (sighted 1 a month ago)

I do seem to have a knack for scaring up LM’s and LLM’s though

My luck is like that with the treasure room in the Capt Scarlet dlc- everyone says it’s a great place to get legendary gear but I’ve yet to pull a single one from that place…

I’ve pulled a grand total of one out of that place… so yeah agreed :slight_smile:

I park up in Sanctuary also. I’m guessing most who have multiple characters do this, just for sanity’s sake if nothing else!

I’ve only seen him a bit over a thousand times ;-}

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Dude… is that HeyCarnut from the old forums with the mad stat skills?

During all of my visits there I’ve got 1 legendary. I’ve only done story visits, never glitched my way in to actually farm it but that’s quite a few visits after all.

To be honest I’m about same, although I’ve glitched a little :slight_smile:
Yet still just the one on all trips taken!

Did I derail this topic lol. My apologies to everyone if so, as i actually respect the Micheal Mamaril tribute! So much so, that I talk to him almost every time I see him. Weird…maybe, but you know

Well, I’m usually mad about something, so could be.


Well looky here:

He gave me a shield :expressionless: