Mico is awesome - when played right!

Last night and just a moment ago, I was on two teams that both were staring defeat right in the evil eye…

But we won both. Because of great Miko players.

Last night one team mate constantly voted for Surrender and did nothing. We won.
Just now one guy left early, so we were down to 4. We won.

On both these teams we had awesome players as Miko, running like World War 1 medic covering the map healing and adding to dps when needed.

Both times I played OM and had amazing games, and the one just now was the best I’ve had since the CTT. Without Miko helping, we’d have been pasted. It’s started to shine as a really good combo allowing me to be that hard ass front line sneaky mofo OM can be.

So, anyone who HEALS more than shoots, it works well :wink:

p.s big shout to (infect963 & Elequist) for being awesome Miko players

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Miko’s influence in the game is tremendous, he can sway a match if there’s only one present.

Shh they’ ll nerf him if they read this :wink: