Micro Macro Mist Me?

Any chance this is finally going to be fixed for bot games?

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It’s my last lore challenge before the Platinum trophy (excluding dlc characters). Will I have to play PvP finally?

Else, it should be fixed for the next patch (not hotfix).

Just play Kelvin in incursion. It’s not a difficult lore.


@Jythri said it would be in a future patch, but I’m doubting there will be any more patches. Just got fixes.
I don’t want to just dive in PvP just to get the lore, but it’s my last one as well. :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:

EDIT: just saw that they’re planning a fall patch. I stand… MAYBE corrected?

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If you’re on PC I guess, but if you’re on console just do what all of us have done and just do it. I don’t like story but I’ve done all the lore on every character. These are lore challenges for a reason. I didn’t like when they added challenges to be completed in bots battle to begin with, it makes difficult titles like fours sensitive a joke. If you see someone with fours sensitive you should be impressed at what they achieved, not just assume they farmed bots for a couple hours.

Well good news, there is a patch coming next month. It was announced last Saturday (I say next month, cause it usually 5-6 weeks after an announcement).

That reason is deprecated at this point in Battleborn’s life.

I just recently broke down and did this myself. Now, that said, I played Bots Battle with him for a while first to make sure I wasn’t screwing up a regular PvP match for everyone by being terrible (it actually took a few ‘practice rounds’ before I stopped feeding, I’ll admit, because Kelvin is really out of my wheelhouse gameplay-wise), but once I was ready to just go for it it was actually a lot easier than it seems on paper. I don’t know if I was just picking my clusters of enemy Battleborn well, or there’s some wiggle room on what they mean by ‘simultaneously,’ but it was only a couple of matches to get the stuns I needed. Just make sure you’ve got some cooldown gear so you have more opportunities to Sublimate people.


It is IMPOSSIBLE to get in any game mode. Know why?

It IS IMPOSSIBLE to get a pvp match going. If it wasn’t for my guild we would not even get a bots match going.

By the way I play on Steam.