Micro nades and yellow health bars

I’m trying a mindsweeper/Krakatoa/SOR-DW build and it works very well in cov and regular Maliwan areas, but I’ve noticed it’s sorely lacking against armor. Micro nades seems to be too weak with most guns and I can’t seem to drain yellow bars quickly. Does anyone have advice on a gun that might synergize well with this?

My playstyle is to stay about 30 feet away from most enemies and shoot red health to cause micro nades to kill their friends.

You’d probably want to use corrosive or cryo to proc the micro nades, as they will be matching element. Fire damage is poop against armour and requires a massive amount of incendiary damage to chew through it.


Yeah. That’s what I was thinking. Just thing to figure out a good delivery method, e.g., the lyuda or something.

I’d try and stick to splash weapons personally, you’ll get significantly more damage that way. Though you’re using the krakatoa so I guess that doesn’t really matter for your build. At the moment I can’t think of a good corrosive sniper other than lyuda.

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Have you tried the Lead Sprinkler? I am running one with shock for 2 mags with a Green Monster and it is pretty nasty. You HAVE to have splash radius on your COM for it to work unfortunately.

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I have a green monster build I run. Haven’t used to the lead sprinkler yet sounds fun. I wouldn’t be able to use a mind sweeper though if I did that though right? :slight_smile:

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Honestly, have you tried using a Q-System with Mind Sweeper? Kinetic suffers less against armour, and it totally melts enemies if you hit your crits. I’ve been using it for my Mind Sweeper builds for months, and while on paper it isn’t the most effective, it’s just so easy to hit crits with it and the 2 for 1 shots are fantastic to skip a bunch of Bottomless kills.

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Not sure if it’ll be any good, but worth trying the RoboMasher from the dlc? It can’t come anointed so there’s no anointment to worry about

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Oh yeah, maybe this gun. Corrosive Maggie basically.

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I would think it would be a good match with the Mind Sweeper, but you won’t get the corrosive bonus

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As a whole, whatever the Q System will do, the Carrier will do better. True stacking elements isn’t as efficient with Moze as it is with Amara/Fl4k but if you could find one with 125 after exiting IB you would be sitting pretty.

While I like the carrier and a tracker dart version would be great for mind sweeper, the bullet velocity is pretty trashy to manually hit crits with this play style:

The Q-System is pretty much a high powered long range rifle. The Carrier is more suitable for closer range or tracking shots.

The Rebel Yell is actually also very good for mind sweeper. Only issue I have with it is the extremely quick mag drain. Plus sides are it’s always a dart version, regular projectile speed, and high RoF allows a lot of micro nade procs.


The shock damage from the Rebel Yell would be nice, but I’m gonna stick with the Carrier at 30 feet. I use the H**l outta the Carrier at this distance with Fl4k without using the darts/puck. Until you really get out to distance I don’t have a big issue with the projectile speed. Furthermore the ability of the Carrier to be able to damage multiple enemies is going to spread those micro-nades nice and wide across the map. These are my experiences I’m sure everyone wont agree.

Lob or ZX41 might be a nice addition as they both can come in corrosive.

Maybe the Hornet?

Try a corrosive Nemesis. It does 1200 on the weapon card after Thursday’s buff and it is pinpoint accurate.

I think the shock is only on the tracker rounds, if I remember correctly. Which is annoying and useless. It’s kind of just a lower damage, faster fire rate Q-System that always has darts.

I’m not knocking the Carrier, it’s pretty great. I’ve used it a ton with Mind Sweeper and SF because it can proc MoD pretty decently. I was just saying comparing it to the Q-System isn’t that great of a comparison, they fire totally differently and don’t feel similar. I still recommend it though, it’s great for Mind Sweeper. Though I have never had much luck hitting crits without a tracker at 30 to 40 feet. With tracker darts it melts things pretty much instantly.

I have used the Carrier much more extensively on Fl4k with Megavore, so my child projectiles are pretty much on some aimbot b.s… I do really like the tracking of the Q System more than the Carrier tho.

Different idea, what about a corrosive Conference Call? Would that be a suitable option to cure OP’s armor woes?


I’m not familiar enough with the conference call. Anytime I’ve used it I’m not sure if I just had bad rolls but it didn’t do a whole lot.

I have had the same struggle as op has with Mind Sweeper against armour and honestly the very best I did with it was just using splash weapons. You need some +splash bonuses on your gear, and it’s potentially better than blast master as long as you hit crits. Splash weapons are by far the superior choice for Mind Sweeper, it double dips and does some pretty staggering damage.

I was easily able to clear the takedown with just an Ogre (pre buff Ogre, takedown scaled for 1 player) and Mind Sweeper. Very easily.

I totally missed this buff. Really that much better, huh?

Might have to try for a nice Mind Sweeper in that case. I still have to wonder about a corrosive ZX41 for that build. It isn’t a slash weapon, but it can pump out some healthy hits on multiple enemies.