Micro-patch 10-9-19 broke some stuff

Everything was fine until I got the in-game notification to head to the title screen because there was an update available. Upon re-entering the game I purchased a gun from Marcus’ vending machine on Sanctuary III and the game immediately crashed when I equipped it. When I finally got back into the game (again) I noticed some of the textures in my inventory wouldn’t load in so it just looks like colorful mess. Also when trying to replenish my ammo (in full) at the vending machine it shows the amount being deducted in the floating text but the option to refill still remains, as if its deducting the money but not giving me the ammo. Anyone else having these issues?

Try a full restart - the hotfix did tweak stats on certain items, although it shouldn’t have affected textures or menus. You can see the details here:

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Well after the patch it seems my specific bugs weren’t addressed so I’m going to try a fresh reinstall to see if that does the trick. Thanks for the response.

Having the crashing issue ever since yesterday as well. Had maybe 1 crash since I started playing, now i cant go 10 minutes without the game crashing. I have tried all default settings, disabling GeForce experience…still crashes. Trying a fresh install as well. Let me know if u have success

Did a full reinstall & no dice. The bugs still persist.

Looks like there is a whole bunch of us having the same issue. I was able to run it fine before the patch and afterwards just crashes randomly. I thought my machine just wasnt good enought (i have an old build) but looking at forums it seems its something to do with the patch. Hopefully comenting here might promote this and get the attention of the people patching up stuff.