Micro stuttering all over the place

It’s almost June and this game still has issues with micro stutters when loading new areas or during a chaotic fight. No, it’s not my PC, I witnessed the same behaviour in different machines of other people. Nothing will fix it, texture streaming on low or ultra, directx 11 or 12, clean install of drivers with full removal of the previous one, high performance power mode, disabled xbox dvr, recording and game mode, no background software, no overlays, disabled antivirus, nothing.

This should absolutely not be happening so far into the release, and should be a priority. Seems like nobody cares about optimization anymore, it’s a shame.

(Update): I’m not talking about unplayable stutter here, these are small but noticeable hiccups that don’t affect my ability to play the game, but they sure as hell are annoying. Also since I play on 144hz, they become even more noticeable. Honestly, 60 fps is so choppy, I can see how someone with lower framerate wouldn’t even notice those. These are tiny, very subtle stutters, not big freezes or anything. It’s very annoying for people who love butter smooth performance or have an eye for these things.
-notexturestreaming command seems to help quite a bit with the frequency of these lags, but they still happen and still are very unwelcome. I hope a developer or someone working on the game reads this and takes note. Believe it or not, optimization and smoothness are important and a lot of people do care, wether they express it or not.


Turn off your social notifications.

That causes 95% of the ingame stuttering.

I have the same issue, It’s very annoying

I’d try giving this a shot:

I’ve been using this setting for the last several weeks now and it’s worked great for me. Previously I’d been using -notexturestreaming but this way is more elegant (and it doesn’t make your load screens agonizingly long heh. At first I was OK with it but it started to get to me. :slight_smile: )