Micro Transactions In Borderlands 3

If adding mtx means we get our crazy chaotic disasterpiece of a game we paid for in the first place. Without bozo the bumbling stumbling balance clown ruining everything over twitch money then I say fine bring them on. Just give us the game we wanted. We want all the mess the imperfection the unbalanced overpowered crap that these games are. That is why we as fans love them in the first place.

Rules and restrictions are for real life not games. Having fun and going crazy is what is for games. With Bungie currently hardcore screwing up their ip atm you could have a giant audience on the way of solo gamers. Who just want to have fun not be bogged down in nonsense.

Can you guys do that? Can you actually give us the random chaotic mess we wanted? If so who cares about micro transactions.

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Kind of a logical disconnect. Paying them more means they’ll do less work?


Are the bloodletter class mods flak as a whole and everything hex grenades etc still nerfed into the ground? If so then yes I want bozo the bumbling stumbling balance clown to do less please.

And you think paying them more money will lead to that?


I would literally pay more money ontop of the 100 bucks I already paid to get the game I was promised. I know i probably wouldn’t though which is the sad part. But all these developers want is money. All this nerfing bs was done to try to break into twitch steaming and comps. I figure give them money they stop ruining it.

I couldn’t honestly see this working.
I know people who’ve been fans for a long time who’d probably find the classic recurring model of MT’s to be the final straw that broke the camels back (depending on their issues and stance on the game).

I know I’d honestly rather see content in a similar style to the Headhunter content when the season pass had been delivered, because there feels like more value there than “+x% damage for Y hours”, or “+x% xp gain for Y in game hours or just from purchase”.

If Gearbox made the seasonal events accessible at any time after the season pass was completed for a small price I’d be more likely to buy that as I’d be able to play events that might have been missed due to work and life when they initially launched.

I’m curious now, so might as well add this in case people don’t want to comment, but have an opinion.
This has no bearing on anything done by Gearbox, this is all personal curiosity because why not.

  • I’m fine with MT’s.
  • As long as they’re not invasive/balanced around.
  • I’d hate to see MT’s.

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All I know is all these devs want is money promises to the community mean nothing. You heard Randy it’s coming whether you like it or not. Better to actually get the game we wanted from it or try then just keep getting this crap we are stuck with plus that. As for head hunters in b2 I liked those they were fun wayy more fun then the current lame live events were. For sure.

The only thing I’ve heard from him on this was pre-release saying there wouldn’t be MT’s.
I know that is floating around the forums somewhere because it was clipped.

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He said we have done this with no mtx but he is not sure how long they can keep it up this stuff is expensive. That is ceo speak for yeah they are coming tbh. Either that or a whole new game. But I don’t feel a whole new game would sell at all at this point. I could be wrong I’m still a bit jaded that I only got the game I paid for for 1 week though.

He indeed said these words in the Pax stream.

Explains why I missed it. Working during the stream and didn’t bother watching it afterwards.

I honestly wouldnt care as long as they ar just for cosmetics but anything else no
Atleast then i might have gotten my anubis head that was advertised months ago and pulled only for streamers
And now I’ve to wait till the end of the year and sure by the way things are going i will prob have to pay for it cause they can obviously see how many ppl want it,

if they add skins/heads/trinkets/emotes without constantly reminding me about them i would not mind.

if they’re sold in steam/epic/xbox/playstation stores seperately like mini DLC packs and not within the game itself i’m all for it.

if there’s something cool and it’s a fair price, i’m buying it. if there are ingame currencies, i don’t.

if it also helps towards additional content beyond the 4 exapansions i’m willing to help out. i really enjoyed the headhunter DLCs in BL2, i’d gladly pay for things like this.

i wonder what he is refeering to exactly with this though since the expansions are content season pass owners already paid for. these free events they’re adding isn’t something the community “demand” is it? so it’s kinda their own problem so to speak. i bet people are happy to spend $5 on headhunter pack DLCs, i know i rather pay $5 for a headhunter pack instead of timed free events that comes once a year.

the only thing i can see people expect to be added beyond DLC expansions are the raids bosses / takedowns everything else is just a bonus.

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Yes no buying weapons or any of that crap.

Yeah in game currencies are annoying because they never add up to the price of items. You always end up spending more on the currency then the item you want. It is just predatory garbage.

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Looks like you’re right most people don’t want them reguardless. Are people people happy with what this game is atm?

Even if they’re not entirely happy with it, there’s a good chance they don’t see microtransactions as a viable solution.


Probably I just wanted to actually play the game without having to wait 2 years for them to finish screwing with it. Because right now imo it’s [pretty horrible =\

I remember when Guardian Rank was bugged and everybody was like “Fix the Guardian Ranks”, “Guardian Ranks are bugged”. I was like, they are bugged? Huh… I don’t feel any difference in my gameplay. And it got fixed (still can’t figure it out what changed or not) without the need of buying or paying for anything extra. I’m okay with MT until it doesn’t affect a game and becomes like in Fortnite. I don’t know about the US or other countries, but where I live, there was a really long-term Monster / CoD Black Ops 4 promo. You bought a can of Monster, uploaded the code from the can opener and you had double XP for 24 hours. I had friends almost begging me to keep every code for them. Now these are the things I don’t want to see in BL. I like cosmetics, they are part of the (my) game, they are fun (for me at least), but I still don’t find it fair, that some of them are given out only to people at game festivals like E3 or PAX. Some are being tied to Twitch Prime, better yet, tied to buying a real-life CPU. Can you call these MT? No. So yeah, there aren’t MT in BL but there still are. I don’t even want to mention that the pre-ordered Cosmetic Packs can be bought in Epic Store. So “answering your question”, basically there are already MT or MT-like things, just not as many (yet?) as in BL2.

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