Micro-transactions...not like how I wanted

Turned on Battleborn after a bit of not playing to discover that each character (minus Miko) has a skin that isn’t a re-color, I was most excited to see this and went to buy it, with which I thought was in-game currency, just to find out that you need Platinum, which you cannot get unless you spend real money…Now I was all for micro-transactions and even said they should do it BUT, it had to be something that you could achieve in-game without real money. It would just be “time vs. money” AND that any DLC would become free because of it.
So basically nothing like how I said I would like it. Just straight up reaching for that cash.
I was also lead to believe that all skins would be free, or at least tier 2 would be. (The skins right now are Tier 1-2, right?)

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