Micro transactions, yes please!

I’m reading a lot of anger over the new marketplace and it’s ridiculous. If this helps to keep the game alive and thriving then good. These transactions are in every moba/hero shooter and are the reason most of them even still exist. To expect a company to continue to support their game without any compensation is foolish. As long as these transactions don’t create a gameplay advantage why does anyone care. Buy them or don’t buy them, it will not affect your gameplay experience. Gaming is a hobby and a passion that is important to me and a lot of us, including developers, but it is also a business. It’s unrealistic to expect constant charity from developers. I’m aware that this may cause some people to abandon the game, but hopefully it will also provide enough new income to sustain this game until it can reach a new crowd and eventually create a larger player base.


I played games like the very popular Crusader Kings 2 and bought a ton of DLC. I WISH I could support GB in the same way. People will always complain unless GB hands everything to them for free. Alani purchasable without money? They’re gonna complain until all it takes is 5K credits making the season pass worthless.

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Another point is that they more people spend real money, the more money GB has to make FREE updates for everyone else like maps, patches, modes etc.

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Maybe if it is/stays appearance only items.

Also, micro transaction are a crutch for poor budgeting/marketing/game planning.

You don’t build a game to expect to start out weak and require micro transactions to get the game to a good enough level to pull in more players.
Make a game that pulls in players and is worth every penny without getting idiotic with your profit margin(or lack thereof)…

Also… there’s a whole lot of hardcore anti microtransaction players who would simply stop playing over micros of any kind… let alone if they started selling packs. It also limits future players joining. “Micro transaction? No thanks.”

It would be much more acceptable to wait until after all the season pass DLC is brought out before they started micros. The price of the game should be earned, not because 5k people want to throw money to get sparkle skins for a game they already were fine with.

There is the argument that the profit will benefit all players(that stay)… well… I still think they would be better off in the long run to earn the player base with the game and (MEANINGFUL) DLC before they are in the position to use micros to either A: get rich and split/move on to the next game. Or B: sustain a happy community.

Micro transactions are a real scourge to games in the eyes of a lot of people. They are everywhere and getting annoying. It just leaves a bad taste… and this isn’t a free to download game, so we have already paid 60 and 80+ usd. It isn’t about being cheap, in case that comes up.


You dont need the money if none plays the game, they should care more about playerbase then making new shinies for real money.


I can understand some of the saltiness. I’m not a big fan of pay games including microtransactions. However, it’s here, and BB isn’t the first game to do it and won’t be the last. So long as it sticks to cosmetics and boosts and doesn’t grant gameplay advantages, I can’t really summon any outrage over it. Buy it or don’t, it’s your choice. Personally, I will gladly drop $20 on some platinum to get some snazzy skins.


I’m sorry, but giving people what they already paid for before releasing new things to buy isn’t charity. Expecting them to improve the game in order to bring more players in before driving people away with unnecessary panhandling isn’t unreasonable.

Does anyone really believe that adding micro transactions will actually get more people to play?

“Hmm… that game added micro transactions, that must mean it’s amazing! I can’t wait to try it out now!”

Said nobody ever…

They’re not helping the situation by adding meaningless shinny bobbles to buy. They’re just exacerbating an issue that has only become more and more apparent.


Remember everyone talk about the game and not each other, warnings are being given.

I didn’t say micro transactions will make people want to play the game. I said it might help sustain it long enough to reach a larger audience. Also it’s silly to say they don’t care about their player base when they are updating the game every single week.


As is expecting content already paid for to be delivered in a timely fashion, or at the very least before being asked for more money for additional content…


Lol plenty play. Don’t compare it to overwatch. Its very active on consoles. Aside from them, how do they get more players? more features. How do they make more features? Money. How that? More dlc. I’m 100% happy with the features so far because that’s why I purchased it. This will bring even more.


So… don’t give more? People who want to pay more will make your requested content even better. Besides, what content are you even talkling about that wasn’t delivered? Am I missing something or was this game only released 2 months back not 2 years?


I’m pretty sure you have no clue how much a video game costs to produce…


What did I just say a few posts above?

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I’m surprised that this hasn’t been in the game since the start. Literally every single other game I can think of that is even slightly in the same genre has micro-transactions for very similar things. PvZ, OverWatch, LoL, Dota, Smite, etc. etc. etc.

The people who make skins are not the same people who are working on balance or the glitches or any of the other issues. They’re not ignoring the issues that exists by doing this, simply other members at Gearbox doing their job. Animators and Artists working.

These types of microtransactions are completely understandable.


Nah, that’s nonsense.

Keeping “multiplayer-oriented, always-online” game alive is an essential, integral part of the game itself. It is what we paid AAA price for. It is not an “optional support” as you try to present it.


I certainly don’t plan to.

Is that how it works?

Borderlands 2 had season pass content released 2 months after the game, and it was 4 months before it ever saw cosmetic paid content separate from the season pass released, by which time over half of the content promised to preorder + season pass customers had been delivered. Furthermore, I’ll add that said cosmetic paid content was available at a 1 to 1 price, instead of hidden behind a gamed fake money system that leaves you with useless fake money lying around until you buy sufficient fake money to be able to buy another cosmetic.


You forgot to mention their prices. Are we paying a full price for another micro-transactions practice?

Yes, although games like DotA have always been free to play; their business model is to make massive cash from optional microtransactions. Battleborn opted for a different model by charging a substantial price. They’re not comparable like that.

In any case, the fact that marketplaces are familiar doesn’t mean they’re loved. DotA is of course notorious for having a player base which (half ironically, half not) resents its own presence. When I asked a buddy why he’s still playing a game that makes him angry every time he does, he said because he’d spent £20+ on microtransactions so felt grimly tied to it.

Is this what microtransactions are funding then? To keep the game alive, presumably with new content, that would be a free giveaway without some sort of payment? Because I don’t think people should be asked to pay for updates to fix the game they already bought. That kind of content isn’t charity. It’s what most gamers anticipate when they buy a game known to have some bugs and balance issues.


Also, speaking just about me, I did’t want all the content of the season pass released before microtransactions, I didn’t even want the first dlc but I wanted a estimated time of release on it, to know exactly what that dlc will have, how many skins, how many taunts and even a teaser of one of the skins or the map.

Something that tells me ‘Hey, we didn’t forget about you, we appreciated your money, here is what we have in store for you, paid not-asking-questions customer’. That BEFORE microtransactions.

Also I wanted microtransactions to be or something complete new or something that was already in game and finished when the game released but you can get it both ways: money and grinding.

That’s my problem with all of this.

Not info about my paid money and asking me more money.

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