Micro transactions, yes please!

posts praising microtransations = open
posts criticizing microtransations = closed
bias in moderation?
We can either discuss our opinions of microtransations or we cannot. Which is it?

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That observation is incorrect, you only need to look at the marketplace thread to see that (plenty of criticism of microtransactions there, including from me).

You actually think gearbox isn’t behind this decision?

Despite that gearbox went on record multiple times in the past, months ago, before release, informing us all that THEY PLANNED to have microtransactions?

Lol, ok.

Not sure why people can’t cope with the truth.

You had months to prepare for this. It’s just too bitter a pill too swallow given the state of things, I guess.

You would probably be singing gearbox’s praises from the rooftops, had the game ended up being a blockbuster.

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Not so. Sales and popularity have minimal effect on what I think about a game. If I’m more disappointed that Battleborn went ahead with microtransactions than I am about their presence in say Tf2, it’s because Battleborn is a better game than its rivals, with more to offer and so more to lose from adding negative, annoying features.

Why would we? I don’t like current implementation of the marketplace no matter the popularity.

Also, if the game was a blockbuster, that marketplace most likely had been different too.

You can and you are even more than welcome & encouraged to give your feedback in this forums! All you need to be aware of are our very simple Forum Rules .
Many people are very angry about this, which is understandable. But if they start to harass or insult fellow forum members they hurt our simple rules and those posts get deleted.

Here some topics you might be interested in. Most others got closed because users started to harass each other and/or broke the ForumRules, but these are still online.

Theres alot negative feedback, even from me.

Oh, if you have not seen this yet, take a look! Its awesome :heart:


That simply isn’t true. As I already said, they told everyone this was happening, before the game even released.

They were not clear on what would be in the shop. You had to read between the lines to figure that out.

But please, stop acting as though this is some rushed reaction. Some panicked strategy to recover. Stop looking for ways to apologize. There are none.

This was planned from before the start. This was the antithesis of hasty.

If anything it demonstrates that even despite the lack of success, they are sticking to their original gameplan.

I just don’t personally know if I can find any merit in that.

Where did you get I said otherwise? I didn’t say the marketplace wouldn’t exist. I meant timing, prices, currency exchange scheme could be different if the game was a blockbuster.

That’s honestly the height of conjecture. There’s no evidence to suggest any of that would be different.

Players reaction is the best evidence. Why do you need to piss off your customers when you are already making tons of money? They are not EA.

What really has no evidence is that statement of yours:

Who cares what the original plan was? Situations change and it’s rather tone death to ignore the current atmosphere and keep plowing through with a plan you drew up months or years ago. Battleborn is in a precarious position with complaints about the size of the playerbase and long-term viability. Now is not the time to risk angering the remaining players.


He’s rather well known for his bias. I think its a safe assumption.

Anyway, at this point, tone deaf or perfect pitch, it is too late.

LOL, do people still play that game? I played like 15 mins of the beta and it was boring as hell.

Kind of weird to join the forums afterward

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Apparently it still has an enthusiastic community of 40 or 50 people. :slight_smile:

LOL, that game died off super quick.

If this game is dead, then I’m a really happy Battleborn Zombie that hungers for more content! :kissing_smiling_eyes:
Give me Pendlessssss and new modessssss and every hater’s brainssssss (if they have some cough)


a game with an already dwindling player base doesn’t need Microtransactions it needs a strong influx of new players… On the PC things are dire, you have less than a thousand people playing at peak times… 20 - 30 minutes or longer que for matches during off peak times…

This is what you’d expect from a long dead game… Battleborn came out little over 2 months ago… These types of numbers suggest by the time the game hits the 3 or 4 month point it’ll be completely and utterly deserted…

Instead of Microtransactions in a full priced game, how about giving the game a nice hefty price cut and hoping it draws in players… 60 dollars for an amazing game like Battleborn or 40 dollars for overwatch, the choice becomes obvious to the cheap peasants out there…

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Actually, it’s been 49 days, it launched May 3rd.

This is an insane way to view the issue. The company has already been compensated with the $60-80 cost of the game.