Micromanaging strike craft?

I play only as Hiigaran. I like to micromanage my strike craft in battle.

Does this benefit my gameplay? It used to many years ago and I feel that it still is effective, but I could be wrong?

Vs CPU u probably do not need to as bandoxing works well enough. Vs a player you probably should pick targets yourself more, tho fighter group vs fighter group I’d still probably bandbox attack.

Because strike groups are broken, so is bandbox select attacking. If you have a group of fighters and band box another group of fighters, instead of them choosing a target, focusing it, and moving to the next target, each and every fighter targets a random enemy fighter.

If you band box YOU WILL get destroyed because strike groups and attack priority are broken.

So actually, Micro is stronger now than ever before and Bandbox Selecting is not a viable tactic anymore – it’s actually a useless feature until if/when they fix the strike group issues. I have no idea how they could have shipped this game with it’s most important and mandatory gameplay feature broken.

HW2 ships will work fine as long as you never touch strike groups, so bandboxing will work with HW2 races.

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I disagree banboxing just fighters vs fighters of equal strength id say ud have a even fight, and picking targets will take ages tho u might win the fight but if there large groups meh. If fighters vs corv group maybe.

I’m sorry. What is bandboxing?

Hold Ctrl and drag a box around the enemy. The units you have selected will attack everything in that box.

Bandboxing does actually work and depends heavily on the units you have selected and the units you are attacking. In some cases it might be useful to micro and in some not. Corvettes vs Fighters for example would not be worth microing becuase a single shot from a corvette is usually enough to kill a fighter. It might be worth microing to kill the last fighter or bomber in a squadron to bleed HW2 races of RUs.

Fighters vs Corvettes, especially HW2 corvettes if you have defenders it might very well be worth it to micro as well.

Bigger ships I’ve found generally target the same target depending on how far away they are from each of your ships. They tend to target the closest one that usually means most/all attack the same capital/frigate. This is just one of the reasons why attacking from the flank/side of an enemy is so powerful. Bombers obviously should be microed when possible as the faster you focus down one target the better.

In a situation where your attention is better spent on microing a group of bombers or frigates, it would be counter productive to micro a fighter vs fighter engagement.

Generally HW1 races will want to micro when possible when facing HW2 races to try and eliminate squads before they can get away. HW2 races need to pay attention to try and preserve squads where possible. If you can identify that the enemy is focusing on one squad, it can be used to you advantage by retreating it and having the enemy follow it, allowing your strike craft to get in behind it and do a lot of damage to the perusing fighters.

Also if you have multiple classes of ships selected and bandbox multiple enemy ship types your ships will generally target enemy ships they are best against.

If you don’t micro your fighters and the enemy does you will lose. 4 micro’ed fighter squads can easily beat out 6 bandboxed.

Bandboxing doesn’t work unless you’re an HW2 Race in default delta squadron formation.

If you bandbox with HW1 units, your control group will all target different targets when they are all supposed to target the same one.

So what happens is, you have 10 fighters vs 10 fighters, you bandbox attack and your 10 fighters end up attacking 9 of theirs instead of 1.

The correct behavior is to attack 1 and move through the targets sequentially until there are none left.

It matters NONE what units you have selected or what units make up the composition of your control group, they will always do it wrong if you’re playing a HW1 race.

Go test it. There are countless videos on these forums demonstrating the behavior. There are even HWC and HW1R comparison videos to show how it’s supposed to work vs how it does work in the remaster. The remaster is broken.

Not only does bandboxing not work, but attack orders don’t work at all either. You can have 10 fighters selected, attack one specific ship, and they will attack who ever they want anyway as you can see in the above video.

It’s just outright completely broken right now and the game is down right unplayable as a result.

Units always attack targets of opportunity even when a specific one has been designated. That’s broken. Out right, through and through, broken.

This is not an argument about physics, this is not an argument about the game engine, this is an argument about A.I. and command orders.

They don’t do what they’re told to do and they can’t remember that they are in formation.

I might also add that, you can’t balance HW1 ships against HW2 ships until HW1 ships work right, so the entire beta is useless right now because somehow gearbox didn’t realize it was completely non-functional.

So basically, if I only play as HW2 races, I should be ok. Because that is what I have been doing.

Well we are using the HW2 engine so the HW2 races would make best use of it. The HW2 races use formations automatically within their squads dependent on your tactics settings.

It’s kinda of more accurate to say that tactics and formations don’t work the way they did in HW1 (and by extension for the hw1 races) rather than they don’t work at all.

They don’t work at all, they don’t work in the HW2 races either.

If you grab 5 squads and put them in sphere, they will form sphere, as soon as you attack, the same exact problem occurs, they break formation.

The individual squads stay in delta formation, true – but this is because a unit in HW 2 IS a squadron.

It’s also independent of your tactic setting, and the formation settings don’t change the squadrons formation, it changes your strike groups formation, which is made up of multiple squadrons.

It’s best to think of squadrons in HW2 as single units.

I think it’s clear the intended behavior for HW1 ships is to allow you to form Strike Groups, which are custom squadrons.

I’m pretty sure the intended behavior for HW2 ships is to allow you to form Strike Groups, which allow merging multiple squadrons into one bigger squadron via control group formation. Instead the squadrons don’t actually become one squadron, they still act as individual squadrons that space into the shape of the formation you selected.

It’s an unfinished product that rushed to ship.

jeje seems its even more accurate to say that what HW1 used to know as Tactics, no longer exist, and what HW1 used to call formations, only exist at squad level and got reduced to 3 possible choices: wall, delta and claw. And ironically HW1 purists who are the one beging for working formations are the ones who discarded the only thing at which formations works: squads; thank god devs are trying to find a work around for a solution

Finally seems new players and HW1 purist cant grasp the true concept of stike group formations: they exist only to keep a large fleet moving at the lowest phase so by the time the action starts you can get your entire fleet involved at the same time instead of having the units getting into the fray little by little as they arrive to the combat zone

If you mean fighter management as HW2 race vs HW2 race, I’ve been building up this tip knowledge base and fighter management was one of the first I wrote which could be useful to some people.
Will announce about it on a new thread once I get more contents up.


Yes because waiting for different speeds and classes of ship to make one of these strike groups is way faster then useing guard :neutral_face:. We understand the concept just fine. It just worked differently in Homeworld.