Microstutter on good PC - BL2


I have a bad frames drop in some intense scenes. My specs are - ASUS M5A97 EVO / FX-8320 @4.2Ghz / 4x4GB HyperX @1800Mhz / 120 GB Kingston V300 + Hitachi 2 TB /
PowerColor RX 480 4GB / CM Silent Pro M700 / Packard Bell 23" @FullHD

I have previously played this game on older platform - GA770TA-UD3 / Phenom X4 @4ghz / 8GB RAM / Nvidia GTX 480 (Radeon 280X 3GB) - on every configuration i got drops about 30 fps in some scenes. I had messing with video settings a lot but with no good effect. Is it something with the fact i am playing on AMD platform or what?

Please help me for some stable 60 fps gameplay :slight_smile: I believe that this 7-8 years old game must be smooth on these PC configsā€¦

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