Microtransaction drama is the reason why we don't have creative games

Fact: The industry has move on to use these in many many games.
Fact: Battleborn is a unique game, the type we need more of
Fact: Hating Battleborn because of optional microtransactions will only hurt BattleBorn and NOT change the big name publishers who flood the market with uninspired mass market games with microtransactions

So go ahead and leave if you’re threatening to. You’re only hurting your own fun and decent games like this. Uninspired trash games will continue to proliferate and succeed financially because of their microtransactions. End result? Same exact thing, just fewer cool games because your “boycott” hurt the wrong people.

A real boycott targets the most heinous publishers who mistreat gamers. But everyone will everyone will lap up every single new COD, BF and Ubisoft game though those companies are regarded as the worst.


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