Microtransactions - as debated by the Battleborn themselves

Bumping because…yea, this is perfect and I think I promised something like a million likes. Can’t remember. Man…gotta stop doing that.

This is BEAUTIFUL!!! I would pay for a skin that reveals this conversation under a microscope!

This is… the greatest thread ever created. You really nailed their personalities, especially Benedict’s. Haha… I hate him, and hope he burns to the ground.


Time to start a comic!

What a relief after the baddest of asses reactions in the forum so far

Keep them coming



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Orendi needs to have that line in game if she doesn’t already :stuck_out_tongue:


This makes you wonder what the rest of the Battleborn would’ve had to say about it.

I think Shayne would’ve turned her nose up at the idea of skins, due to the value of creating your own aesthetic and sticking with it.

Boldur would want to dress up to be the prettiest bear-rearing mad scientist the world has ever seen. Everyone loves Fashionista Boldur.

I imagine Oscar-Mike would have outwardly dismissed it as pointless frivolity whilst writing in his diary about the incredibly awesome-cool new taunt he has.

Toby would have been exuberantly overjoyed about having a wealth of new paintjobs for Berg to show off to all the cool new people he’s going to kill, then fret over.

And that’s about all I have.


Lol Isic has the best lines

I wonder what Pendles will say about the microtransactions?

Bump for brilliance.


This thread is brilliant I honestly want to see you make more of these

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A gif wouldn’t give it enough poetry.


Late to the thread, but bravo. Read each line in the characters voice. Bloody ■■■■■■■ brilliant.

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Yes! Please do more, it’s so true to the characters :smiley:

lol! That is awesome, Eden! ^^

Thank you OP, that was awesome haha

Okay, okay, I’ll do it already!


If I quote ISIC’s last line, would that get flagged by the content moderators?
I mean it’s a quote, not an insult.
This is a serious question.
Look at my face? See that? That’s my hawk face.
That is how serious this question is.

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