Microtransactions - as debated by the Battleborn themselves

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Executive Executions. Ah yes… yes… mmm hmm… I see…
Well, first things first, just send me your card info.
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See… one of the benefits of being the last professional badasses in the galaxy… We get all the calls.


Don’t you lie to me: PENDLES is the sole proprietor and star assassin of “Executive Executions”, and i KNOW he wouldn’t hire on an incontinent bird! Yeah, that’s right; i found out about the diapers. It’s nothing to be ashamed about, because birds have only one spincter muscle, and so they CAN’T hold it in; it’s just nature. So again, don’t be ashamed; but DO feel embarrassed, as that was my intention when putting it on the Internet.


Snake boy doesn’t have to hire me. Remember… all the calls come to the same place.

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However, since we’re on the subject… you ever notice a certain penguin in a certain mech suit’s utter lack of any kind of lower body coverings? Have you ever smelled Berg on a hot desert planet? Hell, have you even been in the same room as Toby after a nice, satisfying meal? Yeah. The term “unpleasant” just doesn’t cut it. Now look, I’m all for defending freedom in all its forms, but… I mean… there are some societal conventions, such as lower body coverings and deodorant, that exist for a reason. Now I get flightless birds want to run wild and naked and free, but if you really want to make friends and be a part of civilization, you better put on some g****mn PANTS!!!


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Holy sh*t, how the hell had I not seen this before!? Top marks Eden, allow me to present you with your 100th like!

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They have done what they said.

New characters that you can earn in game, check, free
New maps for PVP, check, free
New game modes, check, also free

The only stuff you have to pay for is new campaign content either via the Season pass or as a DLC.

Now someone may correct me, but I thought this was how it was always going to be??


Yes it was. The SP clearly stated it would include 5 new story missions, keys to unlock the 5 new characters as they were released, as well as new skins and taunts. So far we’ve gotten everything promised to us except for the last two BB and the final 4 OPs, but those are all in the pipeline. @victorjohansen: don’t blame GBX for not giving us what they promised because they have. I’m sorry you feel like you’ve been shafted, but that’s on you and not them.

so u tell me that, buying a game for 44usd, that goes on sale for 50 % 2 weeks after release cuz of it’s dying community . should be proud of releasing something that should be a part of the main game for a third of what the game cost’s now? a store in my town where giving battleborn to pc for free to all who bought a gift card for more then 10 dollars. i feel like they took my money and now are trying to get more. its rly no fun sittin 30-40 min i q to find a match. and now with the dlc out. gimme a ■■■■■■ break. ow= pay once, get the ■■■■■■■ whole game for free. same with ■■■■■■ gta,5 . when ppl dont ■■■■■■ play ur game it ■■■■■ it up for ppl who like the game. something i rly do. but im not paying a dime more to a company who has the money and means to make this a great game whithout beein complete morons. i rly dont understand how they think. take a quick google search and look at the statistics of how many play, have played and so on for this game on any ■■■■■■ console or pc. u dont do as promised with adding microtransactions and what not TO A DYING ■■■■■■■ GAME. and not to ppl who bought the game the day it came out for full price. and even tried to get all my friends at steam to buy it when it got on sale . i even didnt buy ow to play this instead. yeah i feeeel shafted hard.

Dude you need to break up that wall.

But I get the gist, you believe you have been ripped off, but this is your opinion.

In my opinion they have delivered an amazing game, with depth, humour and personality. You compare this to Overwatch, which had no campaign and cost as much if not more that Battleborn, and is a generic easy twitch PVP game.

Finally the focus has been PVP with this, and all new PVP content is free, I think they have delivered well.

But we could bat this back and forth all day, you think they have cheated you, I say no. All opinion based on our own perceptions, so may as well leave it here.


Oky i stick to this falling plan because i have fun in PvP (ps4) and pve.

I apologise, English is not my first lenguage.

First im sure you know any product can devalue its price and they dont need to compensate those who bought x product before its new price.

Overwatch has less content. Battleborn has 9 maps and 8 pve maps, overwatch has 13 PvP maps.

Ow has rng microtransactions, you can get all the skins with a lot of grinding. Battleborn has free (ugly) skins and have microtransactions without rng.

Ow is an easier concept, they have 22? Héroes with the same 3 skills all the match. Battleborn has more héroes and helix, hélix not only boost skilks dmg but they can change them and their basic attacks.

Ow is a twitch game, instante gratification with good skills while battleborn has a longer time to kill a single character and they have ways to escape.

New characters are free in both games, the only diff is: you need to play to unlock battleborn characters.

I cant speak about gta5 Sincé i dont have it.

Idk if you have any idea how long it takes to create, anímate and test a character, all that time means money. So thats why we have microtransactions, if you rly like this game and want more you need to keep buying anytime you can and if you want. Its like art, i get it and apreciate it (skins are art for me).

Gbx is the developer and 2k the publisher, the poor marketing is 2k fault. A way to put a bigger player pool is making the price cheaper. But it didnt work… Sincé none knew what was battleborn but everyone in the world knew what was overwatch.

This is the first game, Gearbox is a smaller company than blizzard. Gbx had made mistakes but they work hard to Fix them.

Gbx refuse to lose hope on this game and move on, thats why we keep getting hot fixes, balance and skins. It means they are working (and you need to pay money to a worker).

If you dont like the game or the waiting time, its oky and you deserves better. But please dont say they didnt deliver what they promised, because they did and are still doing it.

they do give us what they promised and adapted out needs and suggests to the new content.


I’m an Australian and if you’ve read the many threads about server connection issues, then you’d know I have as much right as any to be a disgruntled customer. And I am. But this is untrue, they delivered everything they promised, it’s not their fault that the playerbase is small and that is no reflection of the game’s quality or content, OW has a huge playerbase but as stated above barely holds up in content compared to BB and the gameplay is very generic. 20+ classes are irrelevant in a twitch shooter, Battleborn has dieverse characters and plenty of customisation as you play them, this game has indeed delivered on the promises that were made. If you’re upset or disappointed then fair enough, but microtransations are not mandatory and do not influence the game in any way, they’re all aesthetic. There’s a difference between adding something and not delivering, everything we were told the game would be it is. If we were specifically told that there will not be microtransactions, or if the PvP maps and modes were paid DLC, then your argument would be valid and a lot more people would be upset about it as well.


@viraforti see the shenanigans that get done around here?

I’m going to go ahead and put my two cents worth into the Battleborn - Overwatch comparison: Overwatch is twitch-based gameplay, relying on fast reflexes and a good aim. Battleborn is more tactical based gameplay, relying more on team composition and battlefield positioning.

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They have team composition too and some strategies. Like the ball of death, symetra placen turrets on a ball and bounc it around.


Yeah, good point, but it’s less of a focal point.

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There are evident resemblances (as with many games) but I think these are fairly skin-deep; I agree with @nbrownlie237 - at the core they offer very different styles of gameplay.


“What the **** is this? If you people want to complain, get your own damn topic. Can you guys believe it?”

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My apologies most venomous one, I shall humbly beg forgiveness

doh. i’m (very) late to the party. but great writing @EdenSophia :smiley: