Microtransactions - as debated by the Battleborn themselves

Those all sound good, particularly Boldur. I wonder if he flowers in springtime, or if he simply has to shave leaves.

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That’s actually better than it was for Borderlands as well. You couldn’t unlock Krieg with credits, you hat to buy that sumbitch with cold, hard cash. Totally worth it.

I agree with you, Boldur is the one i like most. Thank you for your post, it’s really interesting, and generally the forum is amazing, now that I’m spending a lot of time home, due to health issues, the only thing that i’m able to do at the moment is to spend time with you and to search for hgh, so thank you for your forum and interesting posts. :):wink::stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone seen Pendles wearing the Crown flair? Pendles is hidden while the crown is floating visible.


Is that only to Friendles or enemies?

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@loving-hatred @zercr



Anyone seen Benedict wearin’ the flare flair?

Activates the signal flare. In the men’s bathroom. Throws it in a random stall. Runs. Reaches open air. Flies. Reaches optimum altitude. Poses. Takes selfie. Takes another selfie. Repeats last two steps a bunch of times. Posts tri-daily selfie album afternoon edition to FaceBird. Takes shower. Brainstorms ideas for evening selfie album. Settles on “sultry microtransactions.” Thumbs up the mods. Totes still on topic. Legit.


frantically Gaggles (I ain’t tryin’ to get sued here!) “how to erase triple Benedict selfies from brain” with zero results


drinks ALL the alcohol


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So it’s no secret that your secret game your working on next is Borderlands 3. I think that if done right it could be game of the year, and might even be my favorite game of this generation. I loved borderlands 2 and that game remains in my top 5 games of all time. However, what worries me tremendously is that you are working with 2k and I remember 2k bragging about slapping micro transactions in every single game they make from here on out. I love Borderlands, but lets be clear the fans will not accept this and you wouldn’t be able to pay people to take your games. Don’t be the next Star Wars Battlefront. If 2K won’t allow you to make the game without micro transactions then don’t make the game. Can you imagine the disaster of paying real world money for loot boxes in Borderlands? The whole balance of the game will be messed up and you will find countless copies at the bottom of GameStop dumpsters. I took the time to right this, because your series has meant so much to me and I don’t want to see it go to trash, because of some stupid fad that gaming is in.

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