Mid-game rebalancing?

Now, if a player leaves a match, they can’t join a new one until the old one is over. This is nice to discourage rage-quiters, but if a player DOES have to leave for a good reason, with no plans of playing anymore, it means the match is completely one sided. And lately there always seems to be someone who leaves right as the match is about to begin, so just about every match ends up being lopsided. And being down just a single player seems to make a huge difference in this game. I can’t be the only person extremely bothered by this. It would be nice if there was a way to balance things for a team that is short a player or two, perhaps by giving a buff to the minions of a team who are missing players. And maybe on Capture teams with less player capture objectives faster.

Either that, or just fill the open spot with bots.

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