Mid Thralls in Incursion dealing 2800+ dmg with one attack?

The double Thralls (with any character who knew how to aim a teensy bit up for that crit spot) had previously been WAY too easy to take and turn the course of a game.

Now, they aren’t THAT MUCH harder, but will shred the unwary!

I dunno about way too easy. There is a very stressful window of opportunity to get them and all it takes for a solo characters attempt to crumble is for 2 characters to intervene from the opponent. Some dudes are also just not the best at soloing thralls


I really hope they don’t…

seriously, I got one hitted by them too, not only once, not twice… and I think it’s good that way, pre buff they were no big deal, almost every hero could solo them, was just a matter of time, not a matter of skill, now, you always have that risk to be one hitted, theres no " I’ll get the twins, brb in a minute" anymore, you have to keep attention to them since they will kill you if you don’t watch out for their grenades.
Characters like Marquis or Thorn could get them pre buff with no damage at all, no big deal, I’m göad that this changed and snipers take more risk getting them as melees (since I made the experience that they shoot their nades way more often the further you are away), may be a unpopular oppinion, but I think it’s better that way, they should always be a risk, if you ask me, they could buff them even more so you’ll definitly need at least 2 people to get them…


Battleborn really need to sort some kind of player testing before letting stuff like this go to public.

If this games PvP turns into a bunch of one shot attacks for… “Difficulty” I know what game I’ll be playing, and it’s not Battleborn.

I was talking about the twins, not the general “difficulty”, they were too easy pre nerf, now they are a challenge, with positioning and timing you can still get them pretty easy, but not as a, let’s call it “drive by”

I’m perfectly aware of what you meant.

And I disagree. It’s a PvP mode, not PvE. The enemy players should be aware of when you are taking the thralls and react accordingly and try to stop you. Not the thralls themselves.

And the possibility of getting insta-gibbed when you’re on a 40+ second respawn timer far outweighs the benefits of capping the thralls when they can still die before even reaching the sentry because now your team is a man down and can’t protect them as well.


They’re such a powerful tool, though.

Think of the damage they can inflict on enemy minions and sentries.

They shouldnt be a joke like they (relatively) were.

They’re not THAT much harder to get now, you just have to move around a bit more to avoid the grenades.

I agree in enemy players should be aware if you take the thralls, thats why I welcome this change because it stretches the whole fight in the lenght, which prevents upper mentioned “drive by” of the thralls, I personally did them litteraly in less than a minute with thorn or marquis pre buff, this makes an intervention nearly impossible since the enemy mostly will see it when you already stand on the pod.
Now it takes more time for everyone, well, ofc they can kill you instantly, but tbh, it’s not that hard to avoid them, most deaths, in my experince, came from beeing distracted or just beeing brain afk.