Mid Thralls in Incursion dealing 2800+ dmg with one attack?

I was clearing mid thralls in Overgrowth and actually did do it really fast, the thralls only had time to break my shields before I had killed them - but before he died the last thrall shot out a grenade and… Dealt almost 3K dmg with it.

Has this happened to anyone else? An odd experience, definitely. I know they have a grenade attack they use against sentries but we were just at the mid thrall camp, why would they use it?

The death recap isn’t very accurate either so it doesn’t really explain what happened but I’ll add it here anyways. I’m not sure what that percentage is supposed to be though and I know it didn’t last that long, I took them out in one ULT.

are you one of my friends

Odd question?

what does that mean

odd question

what the heck

It’s a 1-shot kill as far as I know. As least I’ve never survived it, but I’ve never had it hit me as a tank. So I’m assuming it’s a 1-shot and not just a stupid amount of damage. Doesn’t really make a difference for most characters I suppose.

Yeah, I’ve been one shot by a thrall before (can’t remember if it was a grenade or a ground pound, but it hurt). I remember feeling that it was unusual because even though they’re strong they don’t usually down me instantly. :frowning:

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They grenade at mid thralls now. I’ve been 1 shot as deande. The thralls themselves are very high risk as I find you generally are much lower and prone to a gank by the enemy team. Montana is still my favourite thrall melter, but late game they pack a wallop.

Yeah, and in PvP it’s a little lame that AI enemies can one shot you like that. Especially non-sentry enemies… :confused:


Especially if it costs the game.

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I’ve had it happen to me numerous times as well. Imagine trying to solo the mid-Thralls with Marquis; talk about a lot of running away…

Yep. Seems like they hit a threshold if you’re dealing ranged damage after which they will -exclusively- spam nades back to back to back. Lil absurd. Should only be a kill if it’s a direct hit though.


Yes it has.

The mid Thralls have been crazy buffed and now can fire a crazy grenade that can potentially one shot you from full health and shields.

@Exousia can attest to witnessing this happen to me last night!

My first match after the incursion balance

My hand was shaking for the impresión lol

Yeah, you were at full health with one of my Support Drones, took a grenade, and just vanished.

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I was playing miko while takeing the mid thralls with montana, I had full health the entire time then one of them shot a grenade and I died instantly. The Montana even questioned how I died.

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They’re aware and fixing it I’ve heard

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That’s nothing. My first experience with that was when a caldarius was going for them. I was like “oh I will help! Gotta keep that pressure going in lane as fast as possible!” Then me and the caldarius got mulched. I was like waaaaaaaaaat?

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