Might as well have called it Knockback The Game lol

Seriously just ran through the campaign and it was just hours of being constantly launched up or back. Game needs some serious balancing on that aspect.

Often the moves that cause this are telegraphed like the Ice Golems spike, it leaves a large blue circle on the floor a good few seconds before going off. If an enemy gets close to you and you are ranged, Melee attack. This shoves them back first.

Is this what you mean?

No I mean more like the final boss. Get two hits in, get launched across the map, have to run all the way back to get two hits in to get launched again.

Which boss? Isic? He actually has a mechanic where he slams the ground and large pulse rings come out that knock you up, as well as a few other nasty surprises. He’s the only one I’ve experienced with those knock back/ knock up mechanics (though my knowledge of the game is beta and early access)


Duh, ninjad! :smiley: by @RecycledHuman

If you mean the fight in “The Algorithm” against ISIC: He “kneels” down and then spawns 1-3 gravity waves that launches players through the air.
At first in the Beta I did´nt knew what hit me, but if you know its easy to avoid: Simply jump over the gravity wave and it won´t slam you away.

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No I mean Rendain.

Isic is pretty ridiculous when he’s just a floating skull though. His push laser actually lifted my up out of the ceiling and popped me back up to the checkpoint before lol.

It can also instakill you… :stuck_out_tongue: Fun times.