Might be a stupid question but

Is there a difference in drop rates between 2 player split screen vs. 2 player online? I’ve been split screen power leveling Gaige in the Badlands this morning, and I’ve seen 5 tubbies, numerous midgets, got a Corporate B*tch from a chest, and had a Hive drop from Saturn all in maybe 2 hours or so.

First of all holy **** dude you have crazy luck. I’ve farmed Mr.Hellquest and he won’t give me anything. Second of all no it just matters how many people you have in your party.

Kept goin another half hour after I posted, another tubby and a loot midget engineer dropped a Butcher. It really feels like there’s a difference for local co-op.

Wow if you ever want something, drop in a 2p. Only took me 5 or 6 attempts on the ninja turtles for a storm front, and I actually got 2 in the one run, a 70 lobbed and a 71 longbow.