Might beyond sight achievement

I have the ultimate edition, I have done all the research possible to get this to work. I’ve been working on the Might Beyond Sight achievement. Did Ava’s quests, beat The Seer, got the artifact. Ran Carnivora, and everywhere else in the game. No achievement progress. I’ve gotten every iridium drop possible in the game(normal, sparkly shadows, enemy drops, powdered cartel piles, slot machine) ran every. Single. DLC. I have not progressed the 50 piles at all, of the hundreds I’ve broken since this achievement was added. Zero. A friend gave me a base game disc, that’s how I started. I bought the $100 ultimate edition, that might be where the hiccup is(but I did the whole uninstall/reinstall, I grew up on Pentiums so I’m used to it). But it’s been a while, and I’m not really blaming y’all but I did what I could. I know it’s just a silly thing, but it taunts me whenever I sit too long and get the screensaver mocking me with an achievement that’s literally just trolling me at this point. Anywho, to the human reading this you deserve better than all this whining, and it’s not like I pay you so no worries. I lost faith after BL1, when dlc and microtransactions became the market. Ultimate edition got me good, I’ll always wait for developers to finish. But enough rambling, be good to you.

You need to destroy 50 invisible piles, there is a progress for it in challenges so check how many you have.

Only these ones count, and you can actually see them if you equip the artefact from completing the final Mysteriouslier quest. I farmed them on Eden-6, using the spawn point just in front of the scientists camp (for the side quest finishing with Rumble in the Jungle) and dropping down inside the cave with the dead claptrap and eridium piles. Also on XBox, so I can confirm that the challenge does work.

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This happened to me as well. It was not showing up in my achievements that I had any, then I got a notification in game once I got to 25. Still showed under my achievements as 0%. Just keep going, it will eventually unlock once you get to 50 piles.

I wondered what that artefact was for - cheers - they started tallying for me there after going back to Carnivora far too many times - thanks