Might beyond sight

Does anyone have an issue when trying to get this achievement/trophy? I have cracked multiple piles of eridium. However, the achievements bar in the world map shows 1/50 and it will not go up no matter how many times I crack eridium piles. I tried restarting my system and game but nothing yet. Everything else works fine. Any help would be appreciated thanks in advance.

Isn’t this trophy for breaking only the piles you can find while wearing Mysterious Artifact? I didn’t checked the stats, but already destroyed more than enough of regular ones and no trophy.

I got this trophy to pop normally for me this morning, it’s asolutely the “invisible” piles of eridium that GrzesPL mentions. I was tracking my progress under the challenges tab in the galaxy section.
Filter until you get to other, and you’ll see the directors cut challenge for Might Beyond Sight.
Just run about with the mysterious artifact equipped and you’ll spot these little sparkling piles of eridium on your travels. They seemed to occur randonly throughout the maps.
Best of luck.

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Is that what this relic does?

It is, yes.

Neat, thanks!

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I just did that trophy. Eridian Mining in The Droughts is great spot for that.

It seems that the amulet also gives revenants a small chance to drop a bunch of eridium on death


Where is the “mysterious artifact”?

It’s in one of the eridian chests that unlock after you defeat the Seer.

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It’s even funnier. You can destroy invisible piles without wearing the artifact. You don’t even need to have it in inventory.
Voracious Canopy cave is good for tests, there are 2-3 invisible piles every reload. You can use melee artifacts for ultimate eridium farm.

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So do they start spawning in the environment once you complete the last Mysteriouslier mission?

Nope, they are always spawning. I can destroy them on character that didn’t played Ava’s missions yet.

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How do you find them without the amulet showing them to you?

I noticed this when I was playing the final Ava mission. Zane’s drone often targets erdium piles with its radiation beam, and I saw it shooting at something invisible. I walked up to it and swung at it, and I broke the pile. Until I got the artifact I thought the invisible pile was a bug!

You can always use Mysterious Artifact, stand next to a pile and change it to melee artifact. But if you know where to look you don’t need it.
The cave in Canopy is easy without the amulet, it’s small and piles will block your movement and there is always a prompt on screen.

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Do you mean the Eridian Dig Site by any chance?

That’s the same, right? :slight_smile: yeah it’s called dig site in the game.

That’s it, yes. I was wondering if it was better than Voracious Canopy behind the waterfall. Having said that, I did finally get the achievement - averaged 2-3 hidden piles per run in VC, although the range was 0-5. Random really is random…