Mikel Mamaril I cannot find Mikel Mamaril

Has gearbox done away with Mikel Mamaril?
I have farmed for him 2 hrs. per day for a week.
I need that trophy to complete the game, I’m 99% and I NEED THIS TROPHY !!!
DID i tell you? I need it real baaaaddd!!! Lol.

Funny you mention this…just took this pic on 11/29/2020 on xbox1. So he’s still with us (in spirit).

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He only has a 10% chance to show up. Here’s a list of spots he can spawn in case you need it:

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I have found Mike in the two places noted, by the other posters, and also, in Scooter’s garage. It took me a month to find him on my main account. One of my less played mule accounts caught him in 1/10th the time. Multi-account players need to spend a lot of time in Sanctuary farming for Eridium, even though once you reach UVHM, this is a very inefficient way to farm for that resource. I do it on behalf of my mules, on split-screen. Keep doing a quit/save, and eventually he will appear.

According to borderlands wiki as linked above:

Michael can be found randomly at one of several spots around Sanctuary:

  • Near the newsstand in Sanctuary’s main plaza
  • In an alley down the street from the front entrance to Moxxi’s
  • Inside Moxxi’s, near the bar
  • Inside Moxxi’s, in the side room across from Sir Hammerlock
  • Inside Marcus Munitions
  • Near Claptrap’s location, at the end of the street and in front of a building
  • Inside Scooter’s garage, near a stack of tires under the stairs.
  • Inside Crimson Raider headquarters in the room with Tannis
  • Inside Zed’s clinic
  • To the left of the door to Crazy Earl’s Black Market

May this help you in your travels, vault thief.

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Thanks I found a map even before I placed my post, but after a month of searching for him and not finding him and 30 times quit and save a day, I was thinking they had stopped him from showing.

Nope. Just really low odds (< 1 in 100 I believe?)

They might have lowered it, but the Wiki still lists 10%. But RNG is RNG.

If the Wiki says 10%, I’ll stick with 1% or less…

I was very fortunate to be on 360 when the game launched, and that specific version of the game had a much higher % spawn rate so getting the trophy was easy. Then, when I migrated to the Handsome Collection that one either carried over, or unlocked the first time I encountered Michael in the new version.

I haven’t actively tracked his appearances, but I check all the spawn locations pretty much every time I’m in Sanctuary, and I see him way less often than I get a drop from Knuckledragger or Savage Lee.

I also started BL2 on the 360 and you’re right. I do recall seeing a lot more of him in those days.

Yeah. I was hoping that the low rate on the other platforms was the bug and they’d all be patched up to the 360 version. Sadly, the opposite was true.

It still baffles me how there can be such differences like that in the same game between different platforms.