Miko as a healer is weak

I’ve been playing Miko the past few days, and I’m not so sure about PvP, I don’t think Miko is that great there either but definitely less of a head ache, but in PvE Miko is weak when you’re in a group of 4-5…

The heals she gives off, are nearly non existent and to top that off there is no real group heal apart from the biosynthesis which realistically doesn’t heal that much either… (Yes the super mushroom, but I’ll get to that in a min)

Even when we I go full Do no Harm, I feel like I’m uselessly trying to keep my team alive due to the excessive amounts of damage that this mushroom can not keep up with…

I joined with an Ambra, and she out done me on everything, kills, damage, heals the lot, it’s quite embarrassing really and upon closer inspection she wasn’t even breaking a sweat.

What am I doing wrong??

It also doesn’t help, that when I point to heal beam an ally on low health, it automatically jumps to an ally with full health because they were “closer” causing vital moments to reposition and then boom, the original ally in need is dead! Seriously?!?

I’m at a loss, I thought I got the hang of using Miko, but slightly being disheartened by the lack of “support” she actually gives… I don’t even want to get started on my Mushroom super… But since I mentions it, I’ll give a scenario :slight_smile:

We have a **** of minions attacking us, we are pretty grouped up and I throw down my Mushroom, I get maybe 1-2 seconds of heal and then it disappears due to some random grenade or AoE, or a mob directly attacking it… I’ve never felt so useless :frowning:

Any tips, does anyone agree with this??

Dude,I honestly thought this was a joke post when I started reading it and saw the title. I can’t say about PvE,but in PvP Miko IS the strongest healer.

for healing beam you just have to think of it more as of an AIM skill,so that you carefully aim the ally you want to heal,second,(at least in PvP) DON’T attack AT ALL unless your team is full or near full hp,rest of the time just focus on healing. For XP use the shroom bomb on enemies(in PvE)to get minion kill assists. As to your ultimate-placement is key. Set it out of sight and in places where allies could take cover. The last,but still important thing is the team working with you- if they run away despite being healed- they draw you into danger and away from others you might have to heal later.

But most importantly,If you want to be successful as Miko you have to focus on the DON’T ATTACK bit. Constantly heal,learn to keep track of your allies and heal,heal,heal.


Do u have heal power gear? Do u have the 2 mutations that power your heal beam? One gives +13 health extra and the other is 25% extra, can’t remember names. When I pop biosynth and use heal beam it ticks for 150 health, so yea the heal beam is awesome, I can fill people up super quick. Without biosynth it ticks for at least 100 health. The mushroom placement is key as well but yea sometimes it does get blown up rather quickly.

Don’t really have any tips for the placement of the beam sometimes it can get a little wonky, just try to focus your aim the best you can, also take the helix that makes you run faster while your beam is attached to a teammate.


Miko is one of the most powerful characters in the game for PvP. He’s not as useful for campaign, because the main goal there is really just wave clearing with the occasional single-target dps for the bosses.

Miko is by FAR the most useful person to have on your team in PvP, if you have a good Miko and the other team doesn’t you pretty much win.

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It doesn’t seem to be well known that Biosynthesis ups your healing output to target while active.
The reality is that biosynthesis IS the heal. The beam is more less just to sustain healing between uses of biosynthesis to burst heal.

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If your heals are not good enough as Miko… You’re doing it wrong lol

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Maybe advanced isn’t the best option to be playing right now lol… But the DMG output in advanced is pretty steep, especially at the beginning :slight_smile:

Well I did heliophage advanced as Reyna with her ONE heal talent and we did great… Maybe your homies are just reckless lol

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In PVE, bad teammates will ruin your chance for success with Miko. But on advanced, a good Miko, can really help you win.

In PVP, Miko is so awesome he doesn’t even get a shield lol. Nuf said.

Derpy people wanted it nerfed because he was a strong healer, and the nerf hurt healing in PvE. PvP doesn’t matter, so stop nerfing characters.

Also worth mentioning since no one said it outright. While using healing beam you can use the biosynthesis if you can manage to hit both left shoulder buttons. Also you can sprint during healing beam. It’s pretty important to it’s gameplay to do these things.

I can’t tell if you’re joking.

If you have a tank just stick with them and constantly heal. If the team comp is mostly ranged, Reyna is the better option only because it gives your teammates the extra time to bail. Miko can be kind of useless without the right team comp. If you have a tanky teammate though you can rack up the assists. I was on a team and reluctantly took up the healer role and ended up with 31 assists just by staying with a Montana. Even though he was completely reckless(using Lumberjack Dash on a sentry), I stayed with him. Only died once. It is a lot harder when the other team knows to focus you when caught over extending. You are going to get those cavalier tanks thinking they can take on the world and bring you down with them.


You should try to grab the +heal power gear. My healing beam when playing as Miko heals for around 150 health every second which is enough to heal a battleborn even under immense pressure (exception of Elite bots with their ability to dish out 3k damage within a second due to their grenades).

If by weak you mean Over Powered then yes, you are correct

From personal experience (Miko was my first “master of” character), a good Miko can determine a match when teams are pretty even in skill. (And in some cases make a below average team become above.)
The heal beam switching targets has been brought up and no doubt will be changing. It is annoying and it affects every one of us playing the part.

Miko, as a healer, is definitely a character where you are constantly factoring in variables all the time. Who to heal first, when to pop bio, when/where to drop the mushroom, is that teammate so far out it’s not worth running in to die also, if an enemy is about dead do you keep your heal on or quickly throw a few kunai to definitely finish them off, when to throw your spore stun (in PvP I’m hoping you pick stun cause it’s awesome for stopping ults dead in their tracks.), etc.

Any gear with +healing +sprint +cooldown are all good choices IMO. I know there will always be debate about what is “best” but more healing, more chances to pop bio, and the ability to get to teammates faster or away from death are always good. You want to be mobile and any good teammate will keep people off of you. And yes you SHOULD be attacking but only at those critical moments where it makes sense.


You definitely know what’s up, this guy gets it @THaNaToS_J2

If you can get a pair of mossires mukluks they are great on miko plus I use a common 14% heal power item with -shield recharge. It costs 0 so you can pop it as soon as the game starts.

He does crazy good damage for a pure healer and there’s no real penalty to just holding down healing beam and hiding. No reload system, no cd. If ambra is out dpsing you AND healing you, you really should look up some guides or read said advice from good players on here. The only time miko does worse is the miko’s who run up frontlines and throw darts. You know who you are bad miko’s…