MIko/Bennidict FIX

Gearbox should make it were when Miko marks other battleborn she will focus heal beam that target .
Bennidict’s rockets should have better heatseeking when marked with R3 and targeted with his ability.
Comment Repost so that Gearbox heard about this if you like it.

I agree bout the Benendict and that should also apply to Reyna as well. Sometimes targeting just doesn’t seem to work.

Miko’s healing does not need to be made easier.

As for Benedict, I don’t know what you are referring to. Heat-seeking on targets hit with Hawkeye works just fine. If that’s not what you mean, I’m confused.

It is kind of ridiculous that some rockets hit walls or objects instead of navigating more smoothly to hit the target. Best used in open areas.

I’ve had many Hawkeye rockets fail to hit targets even though im in the air and have plenty of room. If an enemy player turns too quickly or rounds a corner then they are safe because the rockets won’t go around objects to hit your target.

Miko definitely doesn’t need a lock on feature for healing. It’d be convenient but it would also make it easier to use and people are already tired of Miko’s pocket healing.

Not being able to lock on to an ally kind of balances out its healing.

I find Benedict’s heatseeking more of a liability than a benefit. I’d rather he’d not have it at all. It doesn’t work predictably when there are multiple targets, and isn’t all that better than manually leading targets.