Miko Build needs help

I’m making a Miko PVP Build and would like some help. Here is what I am thinking of doing.
Gear 1: Vow of Zealous fury
(Attack S: +8.40%
Crit Hit Dam: +7.14% and activating a skill stacks +1.68% Attack S. Max Five stacks)
Gear 2: Hastening Stinger
(Attack Dam +9.10%
+4.20% Movement Speed)

From here I’m not sure what to stick in as his last gear for the loadout. I do have his legendary. But wasn’t sure if there was something better to add. How about
Dr. Fist Medic bag.
(+11.17% heal power
+2.23 damage reduction
Healing an ally who has full health stacks +45 max health on the ally. Max 5 Stacks)

What are your guys thoughts. please let me know if you guys think this is a worthy build for a loadout. of if I should change it.

How about maybe laying off the legendaries. One is ok, but where in god’s name do you think yoi’re going to get all those shards?

Match will be half over before you even get up and running. You want to be low maintance and effective early.

You want a decent healing out - with maybe a shard generator, regen, or a healing in.


As a support you want gear that helps you support and you want that gear up as fast as possible. For a healer it’s Ideal to get your “healing power” gear up and running asap. Miko also benefits a lot more from movement speed than from attack damage - you want to stay alive and heal your teammates, not play as an attacker. That isn’t your role.

And I agree that 3 Legendaries are very overkill.
And those legendaries definitely won’t be helping anyone when you lose because someone hogged all the shards for themselves, which lead to all buildables being down which lead to the enemy team delivering their minions to Minrec on a silver platter.

I can usually get all the shards I need no problems. That was one legendary and one epic. I didn’t decide on the last gear yet. That’s why I was asking.
Also when I play against other people online in meltdown. I seem them decked out in full epic and legendary gear all the time. The entire team.

Was trying to go for a miko dps/heal kind of build.

Attack speed makes miko heals faster, attack power boost a bit heal power, i suggest heal power + heal power after survive x seconds i heal up to 180

You tell me to lay off the legendarys yet everyone I play against not with is equipped with legendaries all the time. I’m trying to make a dps/heal build.and this seems like a good build. Plus just found a legendary dear that allows me to share 30% of all shards collected to my teammates. While it also generates shards.

Yeah, I forget meltdown exists sometimes. However, premades will typically be using something like quartermastery bin on the the wave clearer.

Maxing in anything but Meltdown is seldom an effective strategy against an aggressive enemy.

Attack speed does not increase heal speed. All beams (including Ambra’s and possibly the taser) are a constant .5 seconds according to a dev. They also said they were going to fix the attack damage thing before the patch, not sure if it was in it though.

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I’d get a bola’s target finder as the third. It’s skill damage+ and it’s very very useful. I normally get VoZF and an attack damage item first, then if i get enough shards for bola’s I activate it.

I was thinking attack speed for the kunai. So he attacks faster giving out more dos. Maybe?

That is true, but he was legit saying attack speed increases heal power, which is baseless and proven incorrect.

I do appreciate the info tho. Because that would have been really bad if I used an attack speed boost thinking I could heal faster. Would of been pretty mad

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Same. I play mostly support, so I’d really prefer extra health or something. I’m not sure if attack damage still affects healing, a dev said it was unintended on Reddit before the patch, but I’m not sure if it made it in. I won’t be able to test until Thursday, if you get a chance could you check for me?

Yeah, I can totally do that if I can some play time in today. Any specific way I should test it? Obviously check healing before and after activating the gear.

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Maybe on a Kelvin if you play with a friend? Just jump in a story mission, let him get low, and calculate.

I can have my fiancée and I give it a try and see how it works. She doesn’t really play games. But from time to time she’ll help out when she cans.

That sounds great, thank you.

I noticed I get a +7 hps without using any gear or helix when playing miko or alani. Can you help me figure out why

all eldrid have a base health regen

Where canci find this info at?