Miko damage rebalancing with Toxicity

I wish i could be more helpful in how to address this problem, but Miko is balanced pretty well. The only problem that i have found is that there are not enough Miko players actually healing teammates. They spend most of their time throwing kunai, because Miko does an INCREDIBLE amount of damage for a healer, only being surpassed by assassins, and not even all of them (Deande needs buff). My idea is to give him a Toxicity system (like Ambra gains heat or Galilea gains corruption) where the more he heals, the more damage he will do, so that Miko players have an incentive to both heal and attack. The idea is as follows:

First, reduce the damage on his kunai to a third or a fourth of what they do currently. Then, make the poison on his kunai not work by default, but instead, use some of his Toxicity to add the toxin damage to his kunai. He would gain Toxicity as a by-product of healing teammates, By his healing beam, his mushroom (ultimate), and mutations that heal. Basically, as he heals allies, he gains Toxicity (like Ambra gains heat or Galilea gains corruption) that then uses that Toxicity to add bonus toxin damage to his Kunai and Cloud of Spores, expending Toxicity. This system is already in the game and would be easy to implement, and would reward Miko players for transitioning between healing and attacking. Increase the accuracy of his kunai and adjust the gravity on the kunai (the arc) so that they can aimed easily in close range, semi-easily (a few shots to hit) in mid range, and pretty difficult in long range. Increase the Toxin damage to do the bulk of the damage, and make the toxin DoT unstackable, but able to stack the toxin from the kunai and the toxin from the Cloud of Spores. Add a mutation that allows one further toxin stack to be applied, maybe make it situational (if target is at full health, only on last shot before reload, etc.). You can replace a few boring mutations (one about reload speed, one about fire rate, and the one that makes his ult do damage) with more interesting mutations that involve his Toxicity, like making his ult generate 3-4x the Toxicity than it should, or making it so that when you heal someone and you are at max Toxicity, you use any excess Toxicity that you would generate to add some Toxin damage to the attacks of whoever you are healing. Make the timer on the toxin effect simply reset when attempting to apply it again. Then it will only let you do damage if you heal your teammates, and while the enemies are dying of toxin damage, you will benefit more from healing and regenerating your Toxicity than constantly attacking the enemy.

I think that this would make Miko a bit more interesting to play, and instead of being ONLY an attacker (as many people seem to be), or ONLY a healer, will reward people for doing both, and fit his character very well. Tell me what you think in the comments below, and for general Character Balancing, chek out my forum post on Hero Balancing and Changes.


It’s an interesting idea, but how would it work in solo PvE?

Yeah, i was thinking about that… The easy answer (and maybe not the best) is that it wouldn’t. I am trying to find a good fix for this, but at the same time, if you are doing solo PvE with a healer-support frame, you are doing it wrong. His role, unlike every other role, is useless without a team. So i don’t consider it a huge loss that he can’t solo very well. That being said, i am still trying to find a way for this to work, because maybe you enjoy playing Miko in a squad, and you can heal well, but you want to do some Solo PvE to improve your aim or something. The problem with fixing this is that this is exactly the problem that the Toxicity system would fix, Miko’s ability to solo things. Whatever i do to fix it in PvE will also carry over to PvP by the nature of the game, and i don’t want to give him amazing solo abilities in PvP, that is what i am trying to fix. Give me some time, and i will have a solution. I have a rough idea right now, but i need to work on it.

Well, I disagree that they are useless without a team. This isn’t an mmo. No character should be useless on their own (not as effective, sure). Truth be told, as it currently stands, Miko is probably better than quite a few other Battleborn at solo PvE because of sustain. No way I could support changing that.

I really like how Miko is now. Giving it a damage boost in this manner would be fairly broken in 2v2+ just because of it’s sustain capabilities. If you’re not healing as Miko then you might as well play as a damage based character. Giving Miko any form of a damage buff would most certainly merit a nerf at this current point.

There is no damage boost in what i am doing to him. In fact, i am trying to remove some of his DPS because he is too strong. I am not JUST adding more toxin damage, i am nerfing (heavily) his base damage, then removing the toxin damage altogether and forcing you to have to have Toxicity to get it back. The goal is to have him do about 60-75% of the damage he does now, and do it 80-90% in toxin damage that he needs to heal people to get.

Still though. Placing a that restraint on him forcing a player to play a specific way might also go against the intended concept.

I don’t think it does. This is my opinion, but every character has their own playstyle and doesn’t excel and playing another way. You can’t play Phoebe as a tank, and you cant play Montana for dps. putting the limitation on Miko, a healer/support role, and making him heal people, i don’t see as a restraint. I think it just makes him fill his role better. But at the moment, he does way too much damage, and people are using him as a damage dealer, which is not his intended role. The people that want to primarily do damage can switch to an assassin, skirmisher, or other damage hero. Miko is for those who wan’t to heal and help, damage being a second concern

Is that really what bothers you, or that people playing Miko don’t bother healing?

I’ve always been of the mindset that as a designer you should reward the player for behaving in the way you want them to. Ok that standpoint, your idea is sound. But if the issue is one of awareness, of making sure players know they can heal, could it be as simple as swapping the primary and secondary attacks?

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people know they can heal as Miko, they just don’t because it is not as rewarding as constantly doing damage. And i’m not arguing with them, He does so much damage, you gotta. This is why i wan’t to, not necessarily nerf his damage, but make it so that if you want to keep doing it, you have to heal your team a bit.

No, I do get what you are trying to do, that it isn’t a damage nerf per se.

I understand there are still some problems with this idea but i think its great and a step in the right direction. But in a game like this if you play with randoms you cant force them into a playstyle, even if the character is completely intended to do something else. I personally use healing as my main focus because i have more on my mind than the number of kills i have on the scoreboard. its also allot easier to heal when you have good communication with your team, callouts are key in team based games like this one.

I played a couple campaign missions with Miko and found the healing REALLY rewarding. The people I played with got hit a lot at mid to close range and I tried to stay near them with Mikollopria and the helix skill regenerative aura. I basically activated the skill and healed while dishing out dmg. Healing isn’t for everyone and a character that CAN heal shouldn’t be forced to heal. Miko can fit a couple different roles as they (and others) should.

Miko doesn’t need a damage nerf, its dps isn’t high as is. People seem to think because it can get quite a few kills due to dots finishing off players it must have high dps. I did a story mission were someone selected miko after i had, so i thought I’d go dps route as much as i can since we had a healer, my damage score was way behind other dps players even specced in as much dps as possible.

It needs to be able to at least put up a fight back in some situations and currently it can, especially against less experienced or skilled players. Miko also has one of easiest crit spots going against it, if struggling against miko then it’s the players skill levels rather than it being overpowered imo.

I personally find miko to be one of best balanced atm, good support and decent dps in that it isn’t too squishy when on its own.