Miko deals 1116 damage in 6.33 seconds at level 3 with only primary with pic

Just the numbers from my death replay. Just using her primary attack at the beginning of the game (lvl 3) while I was El dragon. People’s ultimates do less damage per second. Lets compare this with a sniper like Marquis ultimate of bindle blast which must be charged before you can deal 525-750 damage AFTER spending the maximum time in flight for the bullet with a recharge for 60 seconds.

… or you can just spam miko’s auto attack for more damage, no cool down, no real recharge, at level 1 AND heal the team

miko can easily pick off anyone if they are alone just throw spore+ kunais=dead as long as it isn’t someone like montana Galilea etc. he needs a small tweak imo.

Excuse me? A person who isn’t even a god damn assassin can do more than an assassin like that robot butler guys’s ULTIMATE? Your excuse is that a healer is justified in doing over a thousand damage from spamming a RANGED PRIMARY ATTACK AT LEVEL 3 ? If they catch me “alone”? Well thanks for letting me know I need an army to beat the boss mushroom that can out dps assassins ultimates AND heal the team.

Could’ve been all crits.

because if miko is alone he shouldn’t have to worry about getting his ass handed to him. you also have to consider the pve aspect of the game as well. i was in favor of a miko tweak theyd just have to lower his primary damage some though a little imo.
my post wasnt bluntly clear but i was agreeing saying he can kill anyone but the tanks pretty much if they are alone which is rather unreasonable for a healer like ambra before her nerfs.
even so people are allowed to disagree with you without you throwing your sarcasm around, the game is still in beta and will need adjusting.


lol You’ve obviously never played Miko.

Kinda gonna have to agree on this one. They’re persistent if played right, but Miko’s not Montana. Ninja Shroom Healer is not a unbeatable death machine.

Can you write up how the encounter was actually progressing?

Because this is ~180 dps, normally his kunai don’t do that much damage even if you factor in one spore sack bomb in the beginning.
Unless he put most of the kunai’s in your head for crits. But then I kind of feel that he deserved such damage. As kunai’s are quite slow and have and arc so putting majority of them into moving target should be rewarded.

He’s a tough little guy to kill, but I’ve not been killed much by a Miko. It’s damage over time though, I mean if you aren’t paying attention or stay in one battle area too long, that will affect anyone. I’ve only seen that much damage come my way when I get stuck against another player like kleese, and Galilea is just pounding me.

Had a Miko on the enemy team go 24 - 1 - 30… So much damage with a stun that doesn’t go on cooldown ;(

Miko and Ambra are both in a similar situation as far as arguments are going. Both can do pretty decent damage, but both have healing too. Both have speed boosts and can be very hard to hit also.

I’d like to see them clearly more as healer, not front line killers. Ambra is clearly OP right now, but Miko just needs a slight change. Had a game before where we battered the other team and they were like 1-14 or 3-12 etc, not Ambra, she was 14-5 and taking on two of us at a time. Miko can be dodged, Ambra is HARD to dodge - ultimate beam of destruction…

i think ambra is fine right now. she can heal, but nothing like miko. she was always meant to be offensive and supportive. miko is not the same. no way should miko be able to do what he is currently able to do. they are making a mistake with that character. either the healing needs a nerf, or the damage. you cant be able to do both. miko, as a strong healer, should be able to be solod by ANY assassin in the game when both are completely separated from teammate help. it makes no sense for miko to be winning 1v1s against assassins.

To fair look at miko health you nearly kill them seems balenced to me
probably good at getting crit a spec to do more harm rather than do not harm

She started in the red without shield I barely did half the health bar before I went down. I have the video proof saved as well. This was not an even trade with Miko the Destroyer.

What level were you? The only way i can see miko doing that much damage if you were level 1 and that gear they have increase attack speed or damage.
Also miko doesnt have a sheild

What I have been given to understand, is that you can just farm the shards and not level up for a few minutes and buy all your items. If that is the case, it explains his incredibly high damage and his low level at 24 minutes into the game.

Nvm, he only has 1 equipment. Just noticed it shows that.

Nah its white might be decent as you can get white with a good postive but also has a down side like reduce sheild recharge rate

I was the same level.

Well Miko does a lot of damage. IF you land all the shots and ESPECIALLY if you hit crit points. Which is not that guaranteed since the kunais are not hit scan, they are slow nad have an arc. But if your enemies are not evading - that’s what they should get.

Overall it - Miko is definitely one of the best balanced chars currently in this game, that is still relevant.

On the other hand, yesterday I have seen a lvl 10 Ghalt 3-shotting lvl 9 Miko in like 3 seconds. One shot doing 849 crit damage.

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