Miko DPS Guide!

(^not my best round, but a good taste of what this build can do!)

I know a lot of people despise DPS Miko; however, I LOVE it. I feel like most people feel very boxed in when playing Miko, like there is some stigma that there is once correct way to play him. This could not be more wrong. DPS Miko is like a breath of fresh air. Miko is a fantastic character for DPS. His movements are so fluid and fun to play around with. He almost feels like a destiny character with how he moves and can speedily traverse the playing field.

Before I begin my guide I’d like to point out one thing: Have fun! If you enjoy playing pocket Miko then all the power to ya. Like I said, there’s no correct way to play Miko. So mess around with him. Try different and strange builds. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a new way of playing that is so godly they’ll nerf Miko into the ground again :laughing: Also, this guide is not the end all of DPS. I’m sure there is better equipment out there, but I’ve found that this build makes Miko far more powerful than any other’s that I’ve tried. Also as another heads up, this is my first guide every, so any critiques are welcome! So, let’s get roight into the guide.

The first thing that is important with DPS Miko is Attack speed. The faster you can throw your kunai the faster you can kill enemies. Because of this all of your items should have Attack Speed boosts.

The first item that I’m using is:
This should be the first item you equip. It is very important to the build and, in my opinion, is the all around best attack speed item in the game. In incursion this should be bought pretty quickly. I havn’t tried this build out in other modes all that much. So it will be most effective on incursion maps. With Miko this item is very very effective, as you will be constantly using biosynthesis and spore clouds, so it will boost your attack speed very very quickly.

The second item I am using is:
This is the best attack damage and attack speed non-legendary item that I’ve found (any recommendations on better items are appreciated :smile: ). This is also very important to the build. If you can get both this and VoV before level five (which is completely doable) then your attack speed will have an around twenty percent boost. This will be very noticable when playing and will allow you to do TONS of damage. Even if an enemy escapes you, and has low health, more often than not I find that they die from the poison dot.

The third and final item I use is:
Now this item is not nearly as important as the others; however, if you are in an abundance of shards then you should use this item. This is mostly for after level five (we’ll talk about that later). This will make your poison stack deal far more damage then before. It makes fleeing enemies die faster and more often. But it’s not really necessary if you find yourself not being able to afford it.

With the items in mind let’s move on to which helix’s to choose!

Level One:

On Level One you want to go with the option on the right. That slow boost is incredible and really helps slow down any approaching Melee characters.

Level Two:

This is more of a general rule with Miko, but the right side option on level two helps far more than the left side option. Especially while trying to run DPS, it’s important that you are able to get back to full health quickly when under fire. THIS IS IMPORTANT: DON’T FORGET THAT YOU CAN HEAL MINIONS. This is incredibly important when healing yourself in the midst of battle. You can quickly heal back to full health off of just a single minion.

Level Three:
Reload speed is very important in a DPS build. Especially with Miko’s initially slow reload speed. At high attack speeds a quick reload speed can mean the difference between killing the enemy or them killing you. The more damage you can get off quickly the higher the chance that you wont die. Late game Miko can have upwards of +40% attack speed with this build. So being able to maintain this speed is important. A lackluster reload speed will slow down how much damage you can do.

Level Four:

Miko’s stun is AMAZING. It is the basis of 1v1’ing with Miko. In the off chance that you are alone with a melee enemy, or even a ranged one, this stun can save you 9 times out of ten. I’ve killed more people with this stun than I can count, and it is certainly one of the most important helix choices.

Here’s a general rule when regarding this stun. First stun the enemy, then get up close and aim for their crit spot and finally back up when they come out of spawn. Most of the time this will kill the enemy before they become un-stunned. But if it does not just back peddle while still attacking them.

Level Five:

Pandemic is one of the most important Helix choices as well. This makes every single Kunai attack an Aoe attack. It is godly at killing minions and players. This is when Bola’s comes in more handy. As the more poison damage you do the quicker you can kill everything around your kunai. This is the turning point to where Miko really becomes a high damage player.

Level Six:
Level Six is a strange one. I’de say to go for either the left or right options depending on the round. If you are taking a lot of damage then go for the left choice. If you are not tacking a lot of damage then go for the right choice. Do not, and I repeat do not, go for the middle mutation. The middle mutation is really only for healing builds and will do you no good here.

Level Seven:
This is the most important level. After level seven Miko will be dealing incredible amounts of damage. At this point you will (if you have activated your gear) have between 40 and 45% attack speed boost. It’s insane how fast you attack at this point. Take advantage of this and pick off enemies from afar. With Pandemic and Bladeslinger you can kill enemies around corners by just attack minion waves that are near them. It’s amazing.

Level Eight:
This is also a more or less unimportant choice. I would go for the right side, if only because it gives you more time to heal yourself to full if under attack.

Level Nine:

For level nine choose the right choice. This will help when stunning enemies because they will remain slowed when out coming out of their stun. This is important because it will allow you more time to get away from them.

Level Ten:

For level ten the choices are also less important; however, I would go with the right option again. Just because it has a possibility to do more damage, albeit a rare one.

Let’s go over just a few basic “common courtesy” things as well.
First: You should always place your mushroom head whenever you can. This helps because even though you’re not healing people directly the healing from your mushroom head will help out your team.
Second: Laugh it off whenever a teammate send you a message saying “fck you. You’re a shty healer.” I’ve gotten plenty of these and it’s normal to get angry at them but just remember that as long as you’re having fun playing the game that you’re good :smile:

Well this is the end of the guide! Hope you enjoyed it and if you have any questions or suggestions feel free to comment! Also sorry if any of the photos look a little strange, I edited them quickly so there might be a few bad edits.

While I would not say the DPS is amazing (I’ve done similar build) I agree with you on its viability, I’ll be running around with some allies doing some damage and kiting and when I notice my ally is getting attacked heavily or low will I start healing

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First off, this is a clean guide for a forum post. I’ve heard of DPS Miko, but never really done it. Since I use all the items you are using here on a lot of characters, I might just try them out on Miko like you suggest. Thanks for the idea :ok_hand:

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Sweet! Let me know what you think of it!

This is a really good guide, but I always reccomend choosing him last if you play attack Miko as otherwise there are a lot more attackers but only one healer who can straight up Miko. Seriously though, best guide I’ve seen.

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Thanks, that really means a lot :smile:

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Did you just start posting here? I haven’t seen you before and now you’ve posted three things. If you are, welcome! Otherwise, nvm.

I joined up back in May right after the game launched. I havn’t posted much, and thanks for the welcome!

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Dps Miko was how I played Miko in general. Would Kunai the crap out of people then heal others when they were in need of it but I never liked diving with people especially people I didn’t know. I have Miko mastered but might have to try playing him again now that I have stuff like vow. I would say maybe to just cut bolas for a shard generator to help get your other 2 pieces faster and to get him to level 7 all that much quicker but that’s just a preferential thing.

If you like dps support builds I would highly recommend trying homing Reyna builds. It relies on you supporting your allies in order to dps.

On an alternate note, I REALLY need to get off my ass and finish my el dragon guide… But spending free time on that means I am battleborning less! :frowning:

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