Miko DPS is valid

Anyone else run into angry players when you don’t use the heal beam on others while playing a DPS Miko? Someone REPORTED me for it. Overall score would’ve been higher than his. Kinda hope nothing happens from his completely unfounded report.

Yeah I doubt anything will actually happen from it. But out of curiosity were you still using your healing beam here and there to help your team? Did you have another healer on your team? Actually in general what were the team comps on either side in this particular instance?


It’s best to communicate to your team if you plan on playing DPS Miko.

In a PuG people will expect you to fill the role of healer if you choose a support character, and will be frustrated when you don’t.

Not saying they should report you, but it may well be they chose based off your pick, assuming you’d fulfil that role.

Nothing worse than seeing a Miko, picking a tank, and getting no heals.


Yes is valid but jesus! Heal a bit… I im not a healing station and i will throw kunais and bombs but i refuse let anyone die if i have freaking beam that can heal the party.

You dont need to keep healing a full health montana, but if your orendi has 1 point of hp and you refuce to heal because derp im battle miko and battle mikos dont heal derp i swear to god you better get anyone else like: reyna, alani, kid ultra, ambra or kleese!!!


I had biosynthesis, AoE healing, my ultimate, and was healing when I could. It’s not like I purposely didn’t heal and watched my team die. It was also a bots battle - not that difficult in my opinion. I don’t remember the exact team I had (it’s 4 am) but I mean seriously - to report someone that didn’t play the way you want them to? Also there is not a way for me to communicate I’m doing DPS - no mic.
If I’m not mistaken he had picked his character, Montana, first. I will have to look at the stats overall.

…This. Even when it’s hard to lock-on just keep trying as you reload.

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Ok well yeah, you play however you want in bots battle. These people were just taking it way too seriously. It’s against bots, have some fun!


who cares if it was bot, but a real game just no. you can do assist damage and poke, but miko is no damage dealer. Miko’s kit is all support and if you want to play damage it is better to just pick a character built to do damage. it is about being efficient with a character. miko is just more beneficial for a team when he is healing and doing assist damage. there are plenty of supports even who are more on the damage side.

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I dealt a good deal of damage so I disagree. If I wanted to play another character as a damage dealer, I would have.

Doing PVP that wasn’t against bots I would definitely do healing instead, but that was not the case. Silly how the player felt the need to message me and tell me to use healing beam by pressing L2 when I had a char rank 15 skin. :slight_smile:

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good damage compared to what? I guarantee i could pick any damage dealer and just wreck a damage miko in a duel. When I am playing someone like orendi and have a miko trying to clear wave when I need heals to stay on the frontline i get pretty annoyed. miko isn’t going to clear wave like an orendi or a lot of other characters.

perfectly illustrates my point.

against bots who cares bot are so stupid anyways. I would just ignore them.

A good amount of damage for being miko - which is what I wanted to try. I don’t think I should change my character because it’s not perfectly suited for what I want to try. I gave it a go and enjoyed it.

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If you’re going to take the idea of a DPS support into general PVP might I suggest Ambra or even Kid Ultra over Miko.

Of all the supports Miko by far is the most specialized to support, so at the very least when people see him picked they have a certain expectation. Mostly that they’re going to have a dedicated healer who will keep them topped off. It makes people play more aggressive (read: often stupid) and when they don’t get the support they expected the hate only has one place to fall down too.

If you’re not willing to accept that, KU and Ambra will give you a nice medium to damage dealing and healing as their healing can be fired and forgotten. With Ambra you get a nice middle ground between dropping her sunspots behind your lines for healing and dropping them on enemies for amp. With KU, if your team needs a healer, go Right on his second helix and keep them just behind the fighting so your team can drop back, heal, and get back into the action. If your team has a miko or another healer that’s filling the roll, go Left or Middle and think about taking damage amp when it comes up. Either way, since the healing is fire and forget you can use the skill with the push of a button and continue laying down fire the whole time. You also won’t get as much hate from your teammates this way.

First hate message I ever got :slight_smile: not too worried about it, just a little surprised.

If people are being careless and expecting you to heal them when you’re running Bot battle that is ridiculous, The mode pretty much gives you the freedom to spec how you want without the worry of upsetting a teammate because you didn’t choose specific helixes.


I think part of the problem is people don’t appreciate the Kunai throwing Miko. And while his damage isn’t bonkers or anything there are still benefits to picking him as a damage dealing support verses the other supports. His ability to duel becomes pretty solid at level 4(and quite frankly people are usually trying to get you since your a Miko) and you get a straight dps boost at 7. I by no means ignore people if they need healing but there are certainly instances where you may only need to watch like 2 teammates constantly to heal up.

By the sounds of it you were playing the character pretty decently for not being a constant healer. You were still utilizing the healing aspects of his kit(which is ALL I ever ask for with a Kunai throwing Miko) to the best of your ability. You just didn’t want to backpack and I totally get that

Thank you!
Now that I can check, I did a total of 15k healing which was mostly my biosynthesis and ultimate. I did the second highest damage on a team of Montana, Attikus, Phoebe, Whiskey Foxtrot, and myself at 30k. The one complaining also died the least at 2 times. Maybe that’s too much against bots?
I’m not gonna fret about it. :slight_smile: thanks for all the feedback.

Np. I will admit in actual pvp that comp is probably pretty hungry for some mushrooms but at about 5 keeping the Attikus and phoebe alive is your most L2 intensive jobs but only until they can get in and out. Montan should just be in front of the mushroom all the time keeping it alive and holding ground like he is designed to do

While reporting you for choosing to play that way is ridiculous, not healing is counter productive to how the character is built. If you want to go damage dealer, I’d reccomend playing someone else because

A. Only Miko can pocket heal like that. But many can damage deal. Thus, choosing Miko early on can give the false impression that you will be healing (use of mic prevents this) and denies someone else the ability to play a unique and potentially important role. Thus, please choose DPS Miko last

B. They’re not made to damage deal like others. Let’s view Orendi. 5 of her buttons are meant for damage dealing. Back to Miko. Only 2 are meant for damage dealing. You are thus not utilizing the characters full worth. (Biosynthesis’ healing buff makes it count in the supporting category.) They should by all rights be doing less damage, unless you’re simply a DPS Miko savant and bad with most others. Now, the flipside is true as well. Two of his buttons are meant for damage dealing, as well as many helices. Thus, to simply heal is a waste. As such

I do not consider DPS Mikos valid. Or pocket healer-even-when-no-one-is-taking-damage Miko’s. I believe both are invalid. Just because that is not utilizing the whole of the character, and thus they are immediately worse than any rest of the cast


I don’t think you read any of my posts. I prefer constructive criticism but not posts that tell me to play someone else.

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Don’t worry about it in Bots Battle, that’s a grounds to do whatever you want.

Not the first time I’ve heard of people getting salty in bot battle, which I simply can’t fathom…