Miko DPS is valid

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Thank you :slight_smile: I like that my second post ever was sort of an unpopular opinion. Yay success! Lol

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My point is, the people who didn’t like that you played DPS Miko had decent grounds. They should not have been angry (or rude as I assume they were unfortunately), or report you, but their point is a decent one. I was responding to your claim that DPS Miko is valid, as that is what you posited in this place of discussion. Should anyone have cared in Bots battle? Certainly not. And I apologize for what may have seemed like blunt phrasing. You in this case:

Was actually an incorrect colloquialism of the apt term “one.” This was made even more confusing by referring to you “you” in the preceding sentence

My apologies for any miscommunication that may have occurred. But I believe that the damaging playstyle is simply inferior to one that utilizes the entire kit, because Miko was not balanced around DPS, but around doing both. And if DPS Miko was that worth it, everybody would be talking about it.

As a final clarifier, I am saying not to play as you wish. Simply positing that DPS Miko is not as valid as a mixture, due to the loss of use of the left trigger and Biosynthesis heal buff.


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You mean you’re not saying to not play as I wish? Lol. I used biosynthesis and it seemed to heal. Apparently not well enough for Montana hahaha

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Oky i know pvp bots are not real for full pvp orientated players… But there are ppl who bot pvp is as real as player vs player can be.

Yes they over reacted but 15k healing?! As a miko player u make me cry!!! I have healed more with reload, attack speed and power and every helix to increase dmg.

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Cool :+1:t2:

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Nope, do whatever you want. But don’t expect me to consider it as valid as a mixed playstyle, as you asserted in OP

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Oh no worries, at first you said “I’m saying not to play as you wish.” I was like uhh…no lol

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Whoops haha. That’d be kinda hilarious (Imagine. “People on this forum are only allowed to play tank Toby!” That’d be great)

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Firstly, I have zero problem with people playing DPS Miko. My main concern is everyone pulling their weight. If a DPS Miko is putting up points, that’s great. The enemy’s dead, we’re not, and everyone is happy forever! Plus I rarely PvP so it’s whatever anyway.

I don’t have a problem with Mikos that don’t heal much. Most people who get pissed off about that bring it upon themselves, if you ask me. Charging face first into battle expecting Miko to heal you is a lot like jumping out of a plain expecting a parachute to be in your backpack. That’s something you better damn well be sure off before you go. Besides that, there’s other ways to regain health, which brings me to my next point.

What I have a problem with, are Mikos that refuse to heal. You took the area of effect on Biosynthesis, so you’re okay in my book. But there have been a few times where I’ve been down in the teens on health, and while I’m retreating a Miko blows past me. They don’t even look back, and I’m sitting there thinking “would it kill you to pull left trigger?” I don’t ask for much, just a bit so I don’t die on the way to the supply station.

That’s my two cents on the subject, anyway. Take it for what it is.

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Or you could look at like picking a support to dps is like using your hand to cook a steak. Sure I suppose you could but it’s definitely not the best tool for the job, and it will be painful for all involved.

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I guess some of us will have to agree to disagree. I had fun heh

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Montana is now a great sniper so why not use Miko as a dps? Game is jacked up anymore so just play whatever you find fun until it gets nerfed

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well, not only are you removing miko as a choice from someone who IS actually looking to heal, you’re also doing much less damage than most any other dps related character played at matching skill levels.

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Battle bots let’s you pick the same character as someone else so no, I did no such thing. And I did the second most damage so…oh well

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I’m not talking about specifically in this situation but in general. Miko as a dps just can’t compete with almost any other dps in the game.

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In my opinion, this argument is just playing for competitive v. fun. Sure DPS Miko can be tons of fun (and it’s the only way I play Miko - when I rarely do) but as far as what characters are “better” competitively, the answer becomes less subjective.

The past few times I played DPS Miko I ended with the most kills/least deaths but that doesn’t make him a better DPS character than someone like Whiskey because we need to account for the fact I was playing against a full low level team and you were playing Bot Battle (with from what it sounds like-some less experienced teammates).


Awwww, I wanted to hear about this Milo person mentioned in the thread title!

(sorry couldn’t resist!)

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It definitely said Miko when I posted it o.O

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I get angry when we get obliterated, we he is the only healer on the team, and he does a max of 600 healing.
One thing is going DPS Miko, specially if your team have other healer.
And other thing is being an ass and say “what? you are at the sentry with 40hp? ■■■■ you, im a dps miko, im not going to try to heal you so we can keep pushing”

and if this sound like Im being harsh, is because This happen to me, a damn miko that try to heal absoluptly nothing.

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I did this when my team was all 100+ Against new players