Miko Gear- Natural Order or Pain-2-Gain Re-Knitter?

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Doomsday last. Spike and SG. both also increase survival on top of the huge dps buff.

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I never realised it either until someone told me after I joined the forum folks chat, at which point I probbly had 500+ hours into the game. Main reason being that I’ve never (according to my memory (or lack thereof?)) consciously put on an attack damage piece of gear on Miko.

The reason why I came to think of this with regards to Natural Order was that I was going through the Montana and the Demon Bear a while ago, me as Miko and my friend as Boldur. All of a sudden I started healing considerably less for some reason. which seemingly was caused by it. I primarily used the attack damage portion to try and explain it.

As far as I know though, it only affect Miko’s healing beam as it’s his alternative “attack”, not the rest of his given healing (such as R2 Regenerative Aura). Not sure whether the same is the case for Alani who also heals with her alternative attack.

As far as specific gear goes which could benefit Miko with regards to his healing beam would be either Symbiotic Guantlet for the up to 18.20% bonus to his healing or Bloody Mess Burst-Kit (if that’s what it’s called?) for up to 22.75% increased healing. Another piece of gear whoch could work well could be Fortifying Ekkuni Wristguard to grant a larger healing bonus than a secondary healing effect (9.10%>7.00%) whilst also increasing your health by 210. If you got the Antiquated prefix on it as well it should work splendid as well as it reduces the activation cost by 294 shards so you don’t have to leave lane as much for shards and/or activate it earlier.


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No, this is all very interesting! Thanks for sharing!


See I think that is only on Miko where skill damage is affected. If i’m remembering correctly skill damage affects both reyna and alani’s healing done (can 100% confirm this for reyna) so I think it depends on the character.

Now I want to test KU…

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Thanks for clarifying that! I didn’t catch that until after this post. Though I didn’t know that about Reyna! I need to play supports other than Ambra, haha. So do people actually run skill damage on reyna then?

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On Reyna I run a shard gen with cooldown time, firmware update and bola’s…so kind of?


I dont (and actually use a -skill damage shard gen) just because that is a single aspect of her that is affected. skill damage doesn’t affect her overshield and the damage dealt by the target marker is negligible (like 100 damage at level 10), plus her dome doesn’t deal damage either. so that’s why I don’t really care and -9.1% healing isn’t that big of a deal when her overshield and shield buffs do the same amount no matter what


why bola’s? obviously I know why but it just doesn’t seem worth an entire slot to buff 1 skill that already debuffs targets.

have you noticed it actually help?

I run the legendary health regen that gives regen to my nearby allies so that helps mitigate my -skill damage healing for the most part

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Well its 16+16+12% homing pulse + no overheat+ att power and extra dmg on plasma

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I play with a few aggressive friends typically so I let them get the kills and boost their abilities

When you activate bola’s your priority target actually makes them take about 30% more damage because it’s multiplicitave
(How to find it out is 1.16*1.12=1.2992 so a 29% boost in damage)

So if you go for priority target duration you get both bonuses essentially, but if you go for the increased damage amp you get
A 47% boost in damage on that target


this is what i prefer to run on her, I usually like the more health support/tanky reyna as she is one of the few characters I can finish a match with no deaths and plenty of kills

I do see the perks of bola’s but it just doesn’t say it’s as useful as it could be (due to only 1 skill dealing damage) but it definitely could be useful against a shield-heavy kleese i’m sure

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The difference is that I’m not aiming for kills myself, i’m aiming for other things/people to do the work. And Reyna has a LOT of builds that can work for her so your build has some advantages over mine


honestly i feel like reyna is pretty overlooked in terms of support characters. she’s easily in my top 5 favorite characters to play as and when they helped her overshield targeting, made me love her even more.

but i’ve seen people build her as a DPS support and can honestly wreck face as she’s super accurate and can debuff targets, but support builds like yours where you focus on priority target, or mine that focuses on life support for the team are all pretty viable

she’s similarly flexible to shaurox and i would have loved to see more characters be as variable as them

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I’ll agree with that, but that priority target is what sets her most apart from other characters she has the best “that guy needs to die” ability in the game for boosting damage done so I figured to make it even more powerful

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I have 3 builds for Reyna:

Queen of saves:
Skill dmg 9.7, heal + heal: 14+7,cd+heal +7 for 374 heals lvl4
That guy is dead:
Att power/speed (both white) + bolas target and extr dmg when overshielded, no overheat each shot deals 150+

No time to waste:
Cd+cd, shards +cd (when crit), shield+cd (crit), Oshield/ptarget every 8 sec and ult every 25