(Marquis LLC) #1

Miko Glitch is that I finished the lore and leveled him up and played a game while Miko is level 15, yet I never got the skin or title. But I did get the taunt for reaching level 15. Anyone can give me help on why this happened?? Thanks!

(Maskerader) #2

Disconnected from a game?

You should contact Gearbox support. Doubt there’s any other way to fix it this moment.


(Marquis LLC) #3

Ok thank you!

(Ramirezgeorge41) #4

Yea is just not a glitch with Miko there is a glitch some where between the completion of the lores mine got mess up with ambra and unfortunately her legendary weapon is super important for her gameplay since it build heat for you

(Marquis LLC) #5

Aw that sucks :frowning:
I guess it really is some sort of bug.
But is see master of Mikos and also master of Ambra players. So it’s not just us. It really could be a glitch or something that Gearbox must know about because I read something that said “Lores are bugged and won’t give you your lore challenge rewards or gear” or something like that.

(Maskerader) #6

It’s a known bug, GBX confirmed and work on it. It happens when you disconnect from the match where you got your challenge/lore/level.

(Marquis LLC) #7

Weird because I was in a private pvp match and I leveled up

(Maskerader) #8

Well, maybe it’s not always a case. Then your support ticket may be even more important - to track down another issue.

(Marquis LLC) #9

Indeed. But I filled one out and no one responded to it. What’s the estimated time to wait?

(30% more flak) #10

Sorry for the necro, but was this ever resolved? :slight_smile: