Miko Gudie: Support your allies with THE battle medic of Battleborn

Here’s my Miko Support build I’ve been using lately.
I cover the skills, helix, and some gameplay where my sole focus was to keep my allies in the fight.
I’m really torn on the lvl 6 and 8 choices for helix. I think the mutation at 6 is strong as is the “do no harm” side. For lvl 8 I really like both of them and I just can’t decide whether 30% reduction is better than a +5 additional seconds duration. I think the +5 second duration wins because you don’t have to be channeling your beam.

Video Guide:

You can also get my typical healing build on the battlebornforums helix builder here:

I’ve also had trouble on that helix. Decided to always go for the 30% reduction though, because usually 5 seconds is long enough for one heal. Then, when you need it again, it will be available again.
I rather have 5 seconds every 7 seconds, than 10 seconds every 10 seconds.(or something… ;p)

(I haven’t watched the video yet, but I’ll watch it later and I’d love to talk about anything Miko. ;p)

Yea i’ve always defaulted to the 30% reduction, but you have to channel your beam to obtain it. I don’t know how long you have to channel your beam for to get the full reduction either. My thoughts are that I’m probably not getting the most out of the 30% reduction while I would always get the +5 seconds.