Miko, he, she, or it?

Okay…so one thing that has been bothering me for quite sometime now. Is miko gender neutral? I cannot tell if miko is a he or she. The voice sounds female, but its hard to tell mikos figure seems to be both masculine and feminine. So basically is miko a he she or it? Lol

Miko is considered gender neutral. It is a plantlike organism and has no specific gender/sex.


…it’s a plant…

A fungus isn’t a plant (some plants have gender).
Miko is an it.

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Miko is Miko

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Hatsune Miko! :smiley:


Even in battleborn app, battleborn tap, they used the word “her” in the description of Miko.


Look at Miko’s skins. They are all called “our something something.” miko is a fungal colony and is not a singular entity. Miko is not a he, she or it. Miko miko is a… “they”


Little known fact, Kelvin is too. I mean, technically. It is a collection of micro civilizations.


Actually, with fungi it gets even more confusing.
While reproduction via spores is essentially an asexual process and only leads to creating clonal colonies, many fungi actually do have sexual reproduction.
They don’t necessarily have a certain gender, but mating compatibility with equal or opposite mating types. Homothallic species are able to mate with themselves, while in heterothallic species only isolates of opposite mating types can mate.

As for adressing Miko properly, I agree with @Mcore: ‘They’ would be appropriate, given the ingame callouts.


Miko is clearly a fungus, so “it” is probably the most accurate lol.

Fungi are… very weird by normal “forms of life” standards.
They don’t even necessarily have to have a set lifespan - there’s this one forest (I forget where) that has a thousand year old fungi living all throughout it (mostly underground) and stretches for MILES!

I’d say Miko is most likely a “collective organism” from his dialog, such as when he says “We’re our own best friend!”.
This suggest a sort of “hive mind” consciousness.

I think that is a mistake that has been made before… (I’m looking at you two, CTT and Battleborn website.)
But they did take that out so I think that it is a mistake again.

Anyways, I think Miko is a 'They’
Even if Miko is not a they, Miko does call themself ‘our’ ‘we’ and all that kind of stuff… So I think Miko would prefer it to be called a ‘they’. :mushroom:

It’s actually really interesting, that Miko has a collective Identity (similar to a bee Hive), whereas Kelvin refers to himself as ‘I’, implicating some sort of gestalt personality.

We came up with comparing this to Mass Effect: Miko’s Identity/Personality would be more comparable with the Geth, their bodies being more of a shared platform. Kelvin on the other hand would be more comparable with the Reapers, forming a stand-alone collective Identity.

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Kelvin actually does not always refer to themself as an I…
He… They… KELVIN. Kelvin has a lore challange called 'Miko are OUR best friends’
Kelvin has a taunt in which it says: 'This is the way WE clean OUR teeth’
And Mellka says in one of Miko’s lore challenges ‘I am aware that Miko is a ‘they’ Just like Kelvin’ (Something along those lines.)

I honestly am more interested in what Kelvin is. Loads of people always tell me: "You idiot, it’s a he. That’s confirmed."
But I ain’t so sure.

Edit: The lore is called '‘Mike are all my friends’'
In the end, Kelvin only refers to itself as a ‘them’ once. That is in the toothpick taunt in which it says ‘This is the way we clean our teeth’

Hmm, this may actually be an error in German Synchronisation.

While the CTT was only available in english, the Beta and the final Game are language locked on Xbox (with MS ignoring 8000+ people on their own feedback page - nice job).
Still wish there was a way to play the game in english, but changing console region interferes with the Store.

Anyway, in the German Synchro Kelvin refers to himself as ‘I’ - e.g. in his basic taunt. (“Ich will das essen! … Fertig.” translates to “I want to eat that! … Done.”)

And in regard to WHAT Kelvin is, we compared him to the ‘living water’ from Stargate SG-1 (Ep. 04x07 ‘Watergate’). A civilization of microscopic organisms that form a collective gestalt personality - with Kelvin just being in a different state of aggregation (Solid Ice instead of Liquid Water). Also both examples have the ability to evaporate at will.

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Kelvin in all his other taunts refers to itself as an I.

“Behold, my guts”
“Even my insides are pointy”

Maybe that one taunt is just a bug or Kelvin means that ice golums in general clean their teeth that way. ;p

When I refuse to play a game in my language, I do change the region but change it back when I need to be in the store.
I mean, I am NOT going to play Dance Central in Dutch! ;p

The context of that could easily still refer to him only, though.

It could be “we”, as in “my species”.
Like, “This is how we clean our teeth.” “This is how we humans clean our teeth.”

…Ultimately this is all semantics unless someone on the dev team confirms or denies any of this, though! XD

In the youtube videos that stealth shampoo put up before the release of battleborn (Which he plays with someone from Gearbox), they refer to both Miko and Kelvin as collectives, Miko having been the last surviving spore from what was previously an entire planet of Miko before it was destroyed when the system was darkened by the Verelsi (I have a theory the planet may have been called Codex due to things said during the Archive mission and from the legendary gear you get from that mission) and they say that Kelvin is a Gestalt personality of thousands of microscopic organisms living in the ice.

I don’t have the link to the video but its on the battleborn youtube channel, it’s either the Kelvin or Miko lets plays… think it may have been the Miko one. SO, to answer the original question, I think that makes Miko a “They”, as it does Kelvin.

That’s a line from a kid’s song about getting ready for bed, so I wouldn’t pin too much on the “we” as it applies to Miko. Kelvin. (D’Oh!)

You do realise I said that in a second post up there somewhere?