Miko heal beam glitch

Sometimes when I use Miko’s heal beam, on another player usually, the beam graphic stays on the screen through the whole map but doesn’t actually heal. I’m still able to use the ability but that extra beam is always there regardless of deaths lol. It’s kinda similar to the vibra pulse from the pre sequel where the eletric beam sometimes went through the while map. Not game breaking but fairly common. Like every 2 games out of 5 maybe

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I’ve seen this bug too. I think you posted in wrong forum though as there’s a subforum especially for bugs.

Oh nice haha I didn’t see it

Nevermind I just looked and couldn’t find it either. Maybe they merged the forums (probably a good idea anyway) :wink:

Got ya moved to the bug report category. :slight_smile:

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Same happened here
While I was healing some of my teammates at a certain point the healing beam animation got “stuck” and it would not disappear from the character’s hand although I wasn’t holding any trigger/button to do so. Although, my friend would be far away from me (away enough for the healing range) you could still see the trail all the way to him, though it would not heal him and again nor it would disappear.
It would go on for at least a minute or so like that I think.
Like you said, it would happen in 2/5 games or so