Miko heal beam/Kunai transition


Getting back into Battleborn after taking a break and it’s great to see the new content and adjustments coming for characters. I noticed that Deande will be getting an adjustment that will make transitioning from her primary attack to her thrown war fans easier.

I’m not sure if anyone else had this issue, but for Miko, transitioning from his Kunai to heal beam in the heat of battle can be frustrating as it delays and if it hadn’t delayed, you might have been able to heal someone quicker and have prevented them from dying. I’m not sure if the transition delay is intended or if it’s because his Kunai reload and Deande’s primary attack doesn’t, but reducing the delay of the transition and when the beam activated would be a massive improvement. It wouldn’t make me mash the trigger to try and frantically save someone either :laughing:


Agree with this 100% In CTT there was no issue with his transition, not sure why there is now.
Same thing goes for Ambra’s life-steal beam.


I’ve just started playing Miko and this is a huuuuuge issue. His/hers/it’s healing beam is horribly temperamental at the best of times without trying to switch between the kunai and healing. Not to mention by the time you get the healing beam up, half the time it targets the minion at your team mate’s feet. Very questionable design choices


Let’s not forget that there’s a massive influx on wound coming soon that will effectively nerf support/healers - Miko obviously being affected the worst by that. GBX should have fixed Miko’s healing beam before introducing wound imo

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